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how sciatica, scoliosis and slipped discs affect life insurance

Dear Nick
My husband has scoliosis, can he still get life cover? What about serious illness cover and income protection?
Any pointers you can give us?
Kindest regards

Yes, he can get cover provided he approaches the most understanding life insurance company.

Any pointers – of course, here you go:

Always use a specialist life insurance broker when it comes to applying for cover with a health condition.

A specialist life insurance broker will focus on how each individual insurer underwrites your specific medical issue.

Other brokers will focus on price.

This is a mistake – as we discussed in a previous article on life insurance comparison websites.

If you have a health condition, be sure find out what your premium will be after the life insurance loading is added.

Only then should you compare the life insurance quotes.

How do life insurers view back pain?

You shouldn’t worry about applying for life insurance with back pain.

It’s a common condition.

You should get the standard price i.e no loading once you apply to a sympathetic insurer.

What information does the insurer need?

The insurer will ask you to complete a life insurance back disorders questionnaire.

This will ask about the cause and duration of the back problems as well as any time off work and treatment.

The insurer will also take your occupation into account.

Will I pay more for life insurance with back pain?

For life insurance and critical illness cover, back pain shouldn’t cause an issue.

What about income protection?

It’s a different story for income protection with back pain.

Here are the 2016 claims stats from Friends First claims stats.

income protection claims 2016


Back pain is the largest cause of work-related absence so usually comes with an income protection exclusion.

This means your income protection policy will not pay out if you absent due to back related problems.

Simple back pain that happened over two years ago and responded well to treatment should be ok.

Bit if you have ongoing issues with sciatica, slipped discs or scoliosis, you will get a full exclusion from claiming due to back or spine.

Over to you…

If you’re considering applying for life insurance with back pain, give us a call.

We’ll help you choose the best insurer based on your own personal circumstances.

Or, give me a quick outline below and I’ll be right back to you.

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