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Confidential Life Insurance

confidential life insurance

Confidential Life Insurance

A little birdie told me that you’re holding back on life insurance because you’re worried about discussing some health issues you have.

That’s awful, but I understand.

First, any insurance broker worth their salt shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable about personal health issues, but I’m sure this won’t quell the fear.

So how about if I told you one of our rather clever insurers now offers an app that means your broker has ZERO access to your medical information.

That’s right.

With Appy, a new medical underwriting app, insurance advisors have less involvement in your medical history.

How Does Appy Work?

It’s pretty simple.

Once you complete your initial online application form giving your details (name, date of birth, cover required etc.), Appy will take over.

Appy will ask all the health questions and even some follow-up questions to get as much information as possible from you.

Yeah, it does sound a bit Minority Report-y but don’t worry, Appy can’t bore into your very memories and work out what your plans are before you’ve even made them.


It’s simply a tool that can help you swerve a medical report from your GP because that can take some serious time (6 weeks on average – when are you due to close??)

Not only can you sigh of relief because your broker has no access to the info you supply to Appy, but it also saves you time because there’s no back and forth between you and the broker.

So, your broker gets some free time to focus on other things.

So, why Should you use Appy?

Here are three reasons that using Appy may be for you.

1. You’ll know who has access to your medical information

One very understandable concern when you’re sharing all this personal information with your broker pal Ben is not knowing who has access to your personal and sensitive information.

It doesn’t matter why you have this concern.

It’s perfectly valid.

Appy could be the solution to this.

It cuts out the nosey middle-man ? and limits who has access to your information. So only your underwriter, the one who will sign off on your life insurance policy, will know your medical history.

2. You won’t have to discuss historical health issues that you may find uncomfortable

If you’re hesitant to even look into life insurance because you don’t want to have to lay your health history bare like one of Jack’s French girls, this could be the very thing you need to take that leap.

As brokers, getting all the information we need to get you the best quote possible for a life insurance policy that will pay out when you need it is tough.

There’s a lot of back and forth with phone calls, questionnaires and emails as we try to get dates down, the different medications you may be on, and even the symptoms you may be experiencing.

The process becomes even more difficult if the condition we’re asking about happened way back, and you just want to keep it buried deep,  not bring it back to the surface.

Now, I know this is starting to sound like an ad for Appy, but I think this is a pretty snazzy offer that’s new to the life insurance market.

And if shooting the breeze about your medical history to someone slinging life insurance gives you more fear than a Sunday morning after the jaegers, then Appy is for you.

You won’t have to divulge your secrets to anybody, and you won’t have to suffer phone calls or multiple emails to make sure your life insurance application has all the important info.

3. Avoid A Flustered Broker

I’ll preface this by saying it’s impossible to fluster us here at lion HQ.

We’ve seen it all before and are comfortable discussing any health issue.

But other advisors may not be so chilled.

Look, we all should be professional, but when we encounter something we haven’t dealt with before, anyone can get a little dizzy and sweaty and say EXACTLY the wrong thing.

We are human, after all.

Without Appy, what can happen?

Let’s look at Sarah (life insurance hunter) and Broker Ben (life insurance broker).

Sarah has finally garnered the courage to start looking into life insurance after years of avoiding it, thanks to a health issue that affects a more intimate part of her body.

Now Ben, as well-meaning as he may be, isn’t as modern of a man as he would like to think, and suddenly the mention of ‘Vagina’ from Sarah puts him in a little bit of a flustered tailspin, and he knows Sarah can tell.

Ben’s immediate reaction to the V-word is to get this over and done with asap to minimise how uncomfortable the situation has become!

He asks a few daft questions, forgetting half of the ones he was supposed to ask, wishes her well and ends the call.

Well, that was shit.

Now Sarah’s fears have been confirmed, and she doesn’t call another broker because she assumes we’re all a little simple.

But with Appy, she won’t have to face another broker and his inability to hear the word vagina without turning into a 14-year-old schoolboy.

Over To You

The world of life insurance has never been more accessible.

The big wigs are finally acknowledging what the public needs and making it easier than ever to protect you from scary situations you may have to face in the future.

Are you ready to finally get the life insurance you know you need?

The Lion team are ready and waiting to help you; however, that looks to you.

Does the sound of Appy (and confidential life insurance) make you Happy?

If so, send me an email – – or if you prefer the traditional route, complete this questionnaire, and I’ll be back with a recommendation.

Thanks for reading


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