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Aviva Life Insurance Review 2017

aviva life insurance 2017

Should I choose Royal London, are Zurich Life any good, can I trust Friends First, do Irish Life pay claims, what are New Ireland like?

These are the questions I’m asked on a daily basis.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence about who to choose for your life insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

If the following benefits are important to you, then maybe you should choose Aviva.

8 reasons to consider Aviva for your life insurance

1 Smokers can get non smoker rates without re-applying

Aviva reward you if you quit smoking after taking out your original policy.

If you haven’t smoked for 12 month and you have the conversion option on your policy, you automatically get non smoker rates.

With other insurers, if you quit smoking, you would have to re-apply and disclose any new health issues.


2 Specified illness partial payments – highest available in the market

If you are eligible to claim under your specified illness policy, Aviva will pay €20,000 or half of your cover amount, whichever is lower for 19 illnesses.

Other insurers pay €15,000.

3 Age at which life cover can finish – highest available in the market

Cover is available up to age 90 for mortgage protection and life insurance.

4 Rolling conversion – best available in the market

You can have an ongoing option, right up to age 85, to convert your life cover to a new policy, without the need to provide any medical evidence.

5 Cover term – longest available in the market

You can buy life insurance for up to 50 years.

6 Exclusive access to Best Doctors

Best Doctors is a global organisation which brings the world’s leading medical expertise to you and your family, offering a second medical opinion when you need it most.

At your request, Best Doctors can provide you with:

• A comprehensive review of your diagnosis and treatment without you having to leave home.
• Access to information from the most qualified specialists.
• A Best Doctors Nurse Care Manager who will gather all the information about your condition, submit it to the most appropriate expert – and keep you fully informed every step of the way.

Even better, the Best Doctors service is also available to:

  • your spouse/partner,
  • your parents and your spouse’s/partner’s parents
  • and also your children if they are under 18 or under 23 and in full time education.

7 Maximum age you can apply for serious illness cover – highest in market

With Aviva, you can apply for serious illness cover up to your 70th birthday

8 Overseas Treatment Plan

Overseas Treatment Plan give you the option of treatment abroad.

It will pay a pre- determined daily cash amount – plus covered travel and accommodation expenses – in the event of diagnosis with a covered cancer or neurology.

It helps give you and your children financial freedom to access high quality treatment in leading US and European hospitals.

And here’s what Aviva need to improve on

However, it’s not all rainbows and puppydogs over at Aviva.

They fall behind some of the competition in relation to

1 Children’s life cover

Aviva offer €2500 free life insurance for each of your children, one of the other providers offers €7000

2 Guaranteed insurability

Aviva don’t offer a guaranteed insurability option  on their life insurance policies.

3 Advanced payment for heart surgery

The other insurers will pay an advanced amount from your serious illness cover of up to €32,500 if a consultant from an Irish or UK hospital confirms you need immediate heart surgery.

Aviva don’t offer this benefit.

Over to you…

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