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Getting cover if you have diabetes

Getting Life Insurance with Diabetes

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, it’s hard work getting used to diabetes – no doubt, you know the constant struggle of trying to keep your blood sugars between 4 and 8. Remembering to take your OHAs and keeping hypo supplies with you, just in case.

Then there’s the panic when you realise you’ve missed a meal or you’re starting to feel unwell, the frustration if your levels aren’t where they’re supposed to be – and the hassle of having to notify your car insurer and the Motor tax office.

It’s a lot.

So why does it feel like the insurers are taking a dump on you as well if you’re trying to get Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection? Banks are even turning people with diabetes down – which can feel so unfair.

Why is all the financial stuff such a head melt? Why do they make it so hard?

It might feel like another battle, but don’t worry: we’re on your side. We’re an independent broker who specialises in helping people like you get insurance.

We work with all five insurers so we can bring your case to the insurer who will be the most sympathetic to you – which means we’ll get you the best deal we can.

We understand if you prefer not to discuss your health over the phone. That’s why we don’t ask for your phone number. We can arrange your policy over email only. But if you want to talk, we’re only a phone call away.

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Get a real quote based on your medical history by filling in this short questionnaire. We’ll discuss your case anonymously with all of our insurers to guarantee you get the best deal possible.

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