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What Is The Best Mortgage Life Insurance Policy 2017/2018?

Since time immemorial, a bloody war has raged across the island of Ireland between the Royals of London and the Lifes of Zurich.

A battle to be crowned the Best Mortgage Protection Provider in Ireland.

OK, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe that’s an exaggeration...
November 22 2017 6 min read Blog Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance For Someone With Ephysema (COPD)

Are you wondering how to give yourself or a loved one the best chance of getting life insurance with COPD?

You've come to the right place.

We're the experts in arranging higher risk life insurance.
November 15 2017 3 min read Blog Life Insurance Medical Issues

Can You Get Life Insurance With Type 1 Diabetes?

It is difficult to get life insurance with type 1 diabetes but it's not impossible.

We can usually get you covered at a much lower price than you'll find elsewhere.

Vhi Life Insurance Review | Costs 30% More Than The Best

I'll admit I was worried when I read Vhi life insurance were entering the market.

Vhi have one million customers, that's roughly 995,000 more than us.

Us taking on the mighty Vhi is like David fighting Goliath, his best mate Thor and their pet, Godzilla.
November 13 2017 5 min read Blog Life Insurance

Why Is Life Insurance So Important?

I guess you've stumbled upon this page because you're scratching your head wondering whether you need life insurance.

Why should YOU give money to a life insurance provider?

What's in it for you?
November 8 2017 6 min read Blog Life Insurance

Life Insurance If You Have Health Problems

Once upon a time Johnny went online for a life insurance quote.

The quote was €26 per month.

Feeling happy with that quote, he decided to apply for life insurance but...
November 1 2017 3 min read Blog Life Insurance

Non Resident Life Insurance | Getting an Irish mortgage but living abroad

Most life insurance companies will turn their back on you if you're a non-resident.

You're dead to them.

Apart from one.
October 27 2017 3 min read Blog Mortgage Protection

Mother’s Life Insurance

There's no perfect way to protect yourself from the bad shit in life - just as there's no perfect way to bring up a child or make a margherita.

But there are terrible ways to do all three. And with each, you've got to know the basics before you begin.
October 25 2017 6 min read Blog Life Insurance

Is Income Protection Insurance Worth It?

Car worth €50,000 - insured.
House worth €500,000 - insured.
Smart-phone worth €1000- insured.
Income worth €2,500,000 - NOT INSURED

Why not? I think I know...
October 24 2017 5 min read Blog Income Protection Uncategorized

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost in Ireland? (and why)

When you think about it, life insurance is a bet between you and the life insurance company.

You're betting that you'll die during the term of your policy.

While the life insurer takes that bet, hoping you'll outlive your policy...
October 18 2017 5 min read Blog Life Insurance

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