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Income Protection for the Self Employed

I LOVE being self-employed, taking risks and creating jobs.

But I HATE the fact we get nothing from the state if we get sick and can't work.

That's why income protection is essential if you're working for yourself.
September 13 2017 8 min read Blog Income Protection

Why Insurers Push Life Insurance Indexation (and why you should avoid it)

Inflation protection /'s a bit of a scam if you ask me.

Here's why...
September 11 2017 5 min read Blog Life Insurance

How to arrange life insurance (for less)

There is a very clever way of buying more cover and paying less.

It's easy done using mortgage protection instead of life insurance.

And we explain
September 6 2017 6 min read Blog Life Insurance

How to Buy Life Insurance with Bad Health

We're arranged cover for client with all kinds of weird and wonderful health conditions.

So nothing phases us.

Here are the 23 most common conditions we come across.

No Medical Life Insurance

Need life insurance but don't fancy getting prodded and poked by a doctor?

That's understandable.

You'll be glad to hear you can get cover without a medical
August 23 2017 4 min read Blog Life Insurance

Death in Service | Life Insurance Through Employer

I have life insurance through work

Why do I need another policy?

August 9 2017 4 min read Blog Life Insurance

Life Assurance after a Heart Attack

It's possible to get life insurance after a heart attack.

But there are a number of factors you need to be aware of.

I discuss them in more detail in this post.

Pension Term Assurance | The cheapest form of life insurance

Do you want to save 40% on your life insurance?

It's easy.

Here's how.
August 2 2017 4 min read Life Insurance

What Is An Income Protection Deferred Period?

The income protection deferred period is important.

Shorter deferred periods mean a higher premium.

But is a longer deferred period a waste of money?
August 1 2017 4 min read Blog Income Protection

1st Time Buyer Mortgage Protection – Don’t Be Bullied!

I could never properly put into words how we can help first time buyers.

But Claire did.

July 31 2017 3 min read Blog Mortgage Protection

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