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I’ve tried to bring life insurance down to earth and make it a bit more… fun?

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We’ve created some free and useful email crash courses and you can also download our guides on that very same page.

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What does the application process look like?

Is there a medical?

How does the insurer decide on whether to offer me cover?

What are the different types of life insurance?

Do you even need life insurance?

How much life cover do you need?

Which life insurance provider is the best?

How much does income protection cost?

Do you really need serious illness cover?

How often should you review your life insurance?

Confusing life insurance jargon…plain English version

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As Ireland's leading life insurance broker, we specialise in comparing the rates and policies from the top five Irish life insurance providers and offering the very best value quotes to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in finding a suitable insurance plan for those with specific needs, be it a particular illness, occupation or claim history, we've got you covered in every sense!

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