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Why us?

5 reasons to choose lion.ie

We’re your online life insurance broker

Because we’re an online life insurance broker, you don’t need to:

You can “meet” us everyday without leaving your home or office.

Just like Cathy:

Many thanks for all your help and assistance.  You provide a very fast and reliable service and it was great being able to get everything done through email.  I will be recommending you in the future.

Cathy Farrell

However if you prefer to speak to someone, we’re readily available.

You’ll always get to speak with a human, no dial one for this, dial two for that nonsense and having to listen to god-awful hold music.

Being small and independent means we focus on just one person: 

You’ll love how easy it is to instantly compare life insurances quotes from all 6 insurers in Ireland.

Use it to check out the price of life insurance before you speak to us.

This helps you get an idea of what you can afford while staying within your budget.

I can buy from any life  insurance broker, why should I buy it here?

Will “because we’re the best” cut it?

Seriously though, buy life insurance where you feel most comfortable.

If that happens to be from a different life insurance broker, then so be it, we won’t be happy but we can’t win ’em all.

Maybe you’ll tell your friends about us!

5 reasons to choose us as your life insurance broker

1) Fast, Hassle-free online life insurance approval in minutes.

Don’t waste your precious time setting up boring meetings with a financial advisor or bank salesperson.

It’s easy to arrange your own life cover online.

Here you can do it at your own pace from your own place.

At home, at work, on the train – wherever you like.

Your run of the mill life insurance broker will send you a long winded paper application form by snail mail.

It will take ages to arrive.

Once it finally arrives you have to complete it, search for an envelope, buy a stamp, find a postbox (in the rain) and send it back.

Then you cross your fingers and hope it gets there on time and that you’ve filled it in correctly.

Here, you can:

Simple, quick and hassle free!

Don’t believe us?

Here’s what the best customers in the world are saying.

2) Get award winning customer service

All of our staff are qualified to give you the best advice on life insurance.

We know all of the products inside out because we focus on life insurance only.

All of the insurers offer slightly different policies, we will clearly explain which suits you best and why.

This is our major advantage, we will help you find the best value cover, we won’t force the cheapest on you.

We want you as a customer for life.

That’s why we offer lower premiums than other brokers.

We don’t try to get you in the door with gimmicky one year discounts, then ramp up the price in year two.

We offer lifetime discounts.

Our clients love how quickly we respond to queries. You will get an immediate response to your email.

money mate awards winner 2016

3) Feed and educate the world’s children

For every policy you buy, we will provide a school meal to a child every day for a year through Mary’s Meals.

In 2017 we have pledged to feed a whole school in Liberia because we believe education is the best way of beating poverty.

4) You get cover when others said no

If you have a health issue, you’ll be glad you came to us.

We have become the specialists in placing more difficult life insurance policies and in doing so have built strong relationships with the underwriters at the various life insurance companies.

If anyone can get you covered, we can.

Have a look through our reviews to see how we have helped our customers get more complex cover.

5) Compare the best quotes from all insurers

What next?

That’s enough trumpet blowing from me!

Why not have a nose at our free courses and guides.

Sign up to the one you’re most interested and see what we’re really like.

The email course will give you a good idea of whether we’re a good fit.

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way if you have a question for me, please complete the short form below and I’ll be right back.

Nick McGowan
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