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Disclosing Medical Information in Life Insurance Applications

The importance of disclosing medical information

Every year the insurers decline some life and serious illness claims because customers fail to disclose all of their relevant medical facts. The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate why it is important that you answer all medical questions fully and truthfully when you are applying for any type of life insurance, income protection or serious illness cover policy.

Top 3 reasons to answer health questions truthfully

1. The insurer wants to pay your claim

Insurers want to to pay all valid claims with as little fuss and as quickly as possible. By providing full details of any medical history at the outset you will remove any doubt that your claim will be refused for failure to disclose. This will also prevent potential delays in assessing any claim in the future.

2. You want your insurance to payout

If you make a claim on your policy, you will want the insurer to pay the claim. If during the claims process, the insurer discovers that you withheld details at the time of your original application, your claim may not be paid. You will be going through enough traumas at the time of a claim without worrying if your claim will be paid, or the additional stress of dealing with a refused claim. If you tell the insurer all medical details at the outset, the insurer will pay your claim.

3. The vast majority of applicants are accepted for insurance

A history of a past medical condition does not mean your policy for life or serious illness cover will be refused. However, if you don’t disclose something that would have affected the underwriting of your application, then you will have an issue should you need to make a claim.


How do insurers deal with claims where medical details were withheld?

When assessing your claim the insurer will make every effort to pay your claim quickly and smoothly. If, when reviewing your claim they discover that you had a medical condition which existed prior to your application, this will delay the assessment of your case. Unfortunately, where you haven’t disclosed relevant information; they may decline your claim outright and refuse to make any payment.

Medical History Checklist:

  1. Read the application questions thoroughly.
  2. If you are unsure or uncertain about some questions discuss them with us.
  3. If in doubt about relevancy, tell the insurer in any event.
  4. Never sign an application form without re-reading it thoroughly, taking care to make sure that you are satisfied that all your answers are accurate.

Remember that insurance companies are in business to pay claims and want to pay 100% of all claims.

Finally, please note that the responsibility for providing full details of your medical history rests with you, and not us or your GP. To make sure your claim is paid you should ensure that you answer all questions fully and truthfully. If in doubt please provide details of your medical condition and let the insurer decide on whether or not it is relevant.


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