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Can You Run One Mile?

you can run one mile

Our friends at Irish Life have announced their Family Mile Challenge.

Because running isn’t just for us boring grown-ups, it’s for the kiddie winks too. To encourage us to get active and rope in the rest of the family, Irish Life asks you to strap on your runners and give it a go on the 26th and 27th of June.

Plus, if you register, you have the chance to win some awesome prizes (their words, not mine)

  • a stick
  • some twine
  • lollipops
  • FitBits

In fairness, they sent that stick to the office, and we all loved it.

Would you run a mile to win a stick?

That’s not a question you’re asked every day, but if you would, then please read on.

Running is one of those pastimes that you either love or you absolutely hate.

I’d go as far as saying the haters fall into two categories of people.

1. The people who find it hard to run – I’m looking at you with the dodgy knees, it’s ok, I see you.
2. The people who don’t do it right.

Hold on, hold on! This is a 100% judgement-free zone, but as a runner myself, I made a few mistakes at the beginning that genuinely had me thinking that people who loved running were big fat liars.

Yet once I started doing it right, it was like the running bug clicked into place, and I was hooked.

A few years of jogging and making many mistakes makes me think I’m a little qualified to give some sort of beginners advice, so here goes:

Slow the hell down

This one is not to be messed with.

Think the tortoise, not the hare.

You aim to finish the run looking forward to running again, not being so exhausted that for the last few minutes, you’re praying to pass a defib.

Whether you’re moving over from one exercise that has run its novelty course or picking runnings as your first form of exercise in forever, the biggest mistake you can make is by doing too much, too soon.

Take your time.

That means not running every day. You’ll burn out fast and struggle to find anything good when it comes to running.

Think every second day, to begin with.

When I talk about taking it slow, I also mean it literally. You’re not running away from a swamp monster.

More Slowpoke Rodriguez than Speedy Gonzales (if you get that reference, consider yourself an old-timer)

Find a gentle rhythm that doesn’t leave you winded wondering if all the oxygen has left the planet.

You could even do the old 1-2—one minute of running, 2 minutes of walking. Slowly build up your stamina. Fiddle around with those times to find out what suits you.


Treat yourself to some running shoes

Running is a pretty cheap sport.

You don’t need a bike that costs the same as a second-hand car or an old boys club membership.

Just a pair of trainers and some comfy clothes.

Yet, choosing that pair of runners can be a little tricky.

If you google, you’ll be hit with a million different options, neutral, cushioned, racing, under pronation, overpronation, plated/non plated.

Some people will tell you to get your gait analysed.

Ignore all of this advice.

Fit on a few pairs from well-respected brands (Saucony, Nike, Adidas, New Balance) and pick the pair that feels the most comfortable.


If you want to nerd out on why you should choose comfort: There’s a New Way to Choose the Right Running Shoe


NB: I’m a fella, so this is more anecdotal advice from the women runners in my life, so don’t cancel me, please.

Not having a sports bra seems like it could be one of the number one factors that lead to women giving up running, even if they enjoy it.


Nobody wants a sore back, and also, from what I’ve heard, running doesn’t feel so great when gravity is working its magic on your tatas.

I have all the sympathy. I can’t even imagine what it’s like.

So invest in yourself with a sports bra that really supports you (Go Mary, you can do it!!).

Honestly, this is good advice for any sport, not just running.

Keep yourself motivated

Finding that little trick that keeps you going out day after day can be like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes.

So what kind of things can you at least try to keep yourself motivated to not give up on your running endeavours?

  • Run with a friend (helps you slow down too because if you can’t have a full conversation while running, you’re going too fast. If you feel you can’t go any slower, then walk for a bit)
  • Listen to music or a podcast or an audiobook (a double whammy of brain and butt exercise)
  • Buy new running clothes that make you feel good or as you lose weight
  • Download a fitness tracker app
  • Purchase a fitness tracker wristwatch
  • Set a goal to work towards (like the Irish Life one-mile yokey)
  • Join a club with other runners. RUNNING CLUBS ARE NOT JUST FOR ELITE RUNNERS!

Motivation is a fickle beast that lulls you into a false sense of security and then…


It’s gone, and you can’t seem to find the energy or the give a shits to get out on the road again.

Remember, what motivated you one week might not motivate you the next week. So, be prepared to change it up when you feel that well of enthusiasm starting to dry up.

Or go follow David Goggins.

david goggins

Eat well

You might not be picking up this sport for the joys of losing weight or even improving your physical condition – Although, I won’t lie, it definitely will help in those circumstances – you still need to give your body all the energy it needs.

I’m not talking about calorie counting or macro tracking.

This is just about making sure you have a good variety of healthy carbs, proteins, and fats to keep your body functioning well.

Try to cut down on the carbs, though.

You are what you eat, so eating like shit makes you feel shit.

Start slow – making the healthy days outweigh the shitey days is a great start.

Up those fruits and veggies, swap your morning cuppa and four custard creams with some chopped apple and peanut butter, or increase your water intake.

Your body will thank you, and over time you won’t reach 4 pm ready for a granddad nap.

Look, running isn’t for everyone, but I’d love to see everyone give the one mile a whizz, especially if you have kids.

Imagine their faces beaming with pride and happiness when you cross the line together.

Over to you

If this article has made you think, “Hey, this life insurance dude seems to know a lot about running; maybe I should trust him with my life insurance”, you’re a sandwich short of a picnic, my friend, so we’re a good fit!

Have at this questionnaire, and I’ll be right back

Thanks for reading


PS: If this article inspires you to run one mile, and you do it, please, please let me know! Good luck.

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