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Income Protection for Office Workers | Has it hit you yet?

Back in the day, it seems that office workers lived in a veritable minefield. Every day they ran the gauntlet getting to and from work.

Watch any movie from way back when and it’s easy to believe that being hit by a falling piano was an everyday risk. There were open manholes, men delivering huge sheets of glass, banana skins on the pavement, and distracted bus drivers breaking red lights.

It’s not raining pianos anymore, but you never know what could blindside you and stop you from earning.

That's why income protection is so important.

When do you Start Your Mortgage Protection Policy?

In this blog, we answer a client query:

We don't have an agreed closing date for the sale yet, we're still waiting on the first draft of contracts.

Is it too early to start the ball rolling on mortgage protection? We're hoping to get everything done and keys by the end of next month?

Life Insurance with Kidney Disease

If you're worried about getting life insueance due to reduced kidney function, please read this article.

I go through PKD and CKD in detail and look at what the insurer needs to make a decision.

It can be hard to get cover with kidney disease but we've had a lot of success.

What is Life Insurance Guaranteed Insurability?

A question I'm often asked is: Can I get more life insurance in the future if I need it?

My answer is: Yes, but you'll have to answer medical questions....unless you can use the guaranteed insurability option.

The response to which is invariably: What the hell is a guaranteed insurability option???

7 Essential Steps to Help You Choose a Life Insurance Policy in Ireland

Look, choosing a life insurance policy isn't easy.

But follow these quick tips and you'll be fine.

If not, I'm here to help.

Mother’s Life Insurance

There's no perfect way to protect yourself from the bad shit in life - just as there's no perfect way to bring up a child or make a margherita.

But there are terrible ways to do all three. And with each, you've got to know the basics before you begin.

Getting Life Insurance with Haemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis is an iron overload disorder. It is a genetic condition that causes people to absorb excessive amounts of dietary iron.

If your ferritn and iron levels are in the normal range, you should have no issues getting mortgage protection, life insurance or incoem protection.

Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

You don't smoke, you're in good shape, exercise regularly, eat plenty of greens and you still suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension.

It doesn't seem fair.

But if you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you can count yourself lucky in a weird way.


Because you can do something about it.

Life Assurance Loading Reasons and Solutions

So those scoundrels at Aviva, Irish Life, Royal London, New Ireland or Zurich Life have increased your premium, eh?

And you're wondering why?

Let me explain:

Are you Really Uninsurable (you can’t get Life Insurance)?

Life Insurance might seem like a modern invention – like a lightbulb moment that could have happened in the last century given the rise of corporate banking and massive financial companies.

It actually goes back centuries – the first Life Insurance policies were taken out in the early 18th century and the first company to offer Life Insurance was founded in London in 1706.

It was called the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office, which is long-winded but pretty brilliant. Who wouldn’t trust an ‘Amicable Society’ with their ‘Perpetual Assurance’?

Given that was London in the 1700s, modern Life Insurance probably comes with a lot less moustache twirling and tricorn hats.

Life Insurance, as a business, has been developing for centuries – so the vast majority of people can usually get some cover. Here’s what you need to know if you think you’re ‘uninsurable’.

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