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Is Life Insurance Expensive and Worthless (plus 7 other myths you need to hear)

One of the most popular searches around Life Insurance is ‘is Life Insurance a scam?’ If you Google it, you’ll get a whole bunch of results – some of which include helpful articles on spotting or avoiding such a scam.

The vast majority of the time, Life Insurance is a fair deal.

I’m all about honesty at Lion so let’s take a crack at some of the biggest myths around Life Insurance.

How Dangerous Jobs Affect Life Insurance

Life insurance is great and all, but if you've found this page, you only have one thing on your mind.

So, let's deal with the elephant in the room:

How much will it cost if you have a dangerous job?

How High Risk Hobbies Affect The Cost of Life Insurance

If you fancy yourself as the next James Bond and you’ve been wondering how your passion for adrenaline-pumping pastimes could affect your life insurance premiums, you’re in the right place.

Most people want to spend as little as possible on life insurance and mrotgage protection.

And that's fair enough, I'm one of them.

But if you spend your weekends lobbing yourself out of a plane, diving into the ocean deep, or spinning your wheels on the Motorcross track, then I’m pretty sure you're not going to quit those hobbies just to get a cheaper quote.

So how much more are you looking at?

Life Insurance after a Blood Clot

You might have been worried about clicking on this page.

There's no need.

Blood clots are run-of-the-mill.

Yes, sometimes they’re serious, but usually not life-threatening.

But as with anything health-related, you're wondering if that blood clot will affect your chances of getting life insurance or mortgage protection.

Life Insurance For The Family Breadwinner

If you're the main earner in your home and you've been flip-flopping over the idea of getting a life insurance policy, well, you're in the right place.

Life insurance is the only backup plan to protect your family financially and maintain the lifestyle you provided for them.

Whether you are the sole earner in your household or bring home more than your partner, you know how much your family rely on your steady income.

It keeps them housed, fed, clothed and watered.

Family life is expensive.

What are the new Mortgage Lending Rules in Ireland?

Getting a mortgage was a cinch in olden times (the noughties).

Deposit? Pah - 100% mortgages were the norm.

3.5 times income? Pfff -  Borrowing 8 times income was a breeze

You could even self-certify your earnings!

Yeah, I know, it didn't end well, and this laxer lending made the Central Bank more cautious when laying down Ireland's current mortgage lending rules.

But are things changing?

How Income Protection Works in Ireland in 2022

Your No Bullshit Guide to Income Protection

Based on questions I have been asked over the years.


The Going Grey Guide to Getting Life Insurance When You’re Over 40

So, you’ve done it. You’ve hit the big four-oh

Welcome to the club!

Where did that time go?

Sure wasn’t it only last year that Jackie Charlton was leading the Irish team to glory, or Johnny Logan was asking all of Europe to hold him now?

Total Beginners Guide to Life Insurance

You're here to figure out if life insurance is what you need, and I'm here to help by simplifying the sheeeeet out of it.

So let's begin this Beginners Guide to Life Insurance

Is Mortgage Protection The Same as Life Insurance?

For millennia, philosophers have mused the difference between Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection.

Well, they haven’t, but I’m giving you the answer. 

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