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What Happens to Income Protection if You’re Dismissed?

What Happens to Income Protection if You’re Dismissed?

Hello reader friend, here’s a question from a fellow reader:

Hi Nick. Just reading about Income Protection and I believe they all work lovely if your employer doesn’t let you go while you’re sick. Which I think is not forbidden by law and probably happens? Except the big companies where I can imagine your contract might guarantee that you’re not going to get sacked while seriously ill (and self-employed who of course won’t do that to themselves). How likely is that your hard-earned and paid premiums will do the trick and keep you afloat? Cause if you’re let go the insurer won’t continue to pay you, correct? What happens to income protection if you’re dismissed? Trying to see if there is something there I might not be aware of… Appreciate you sharing your knowledge (and sense of humour) 🙂

If you ever had to take extended sick leave but had the smarts to sort out your income protection before the shit hit the fan, you probably felt an abundance of relief.

But what would have happened if your employer had given you the boot during your sick leave?

Is that a thing?

Can you even be fired if you are on extended sick leave?

Unfortunately, the answer is trickier than a quick yes or no.

But, if you do want a simple answer.

Well, yes, your employer can technically dismiss you from their employment even if you are on official sick leave.

How Can You Be Dismissed On Extended Sick Leave?

Look, it’s not fair, but it is possible that you could be shown the proverbial door even if you are taking extended sick leave, receive income protection payments, and have your doctor sign off on all of this.

However, your soon-to-be ex-employer has to be meticulous if they decide to take this route.

An unfair dismissal lawsuit is not something any business wants to land on its doorstep. Although it sounds like the Unfair Dismissals Act should protect you from dismissal, it just helps you appeal the dismissal.

If your employer can prove you are incapable of fulfilling your role, then yes, you can lose your job.

How Does An Employer Prove You’re Unfit For A Role?

Our friendly neighbourhood medical professional is usually an employer’s go-to secret weapon when they want to prove an employee is incapable of fulfilling the role they were originally employed to carry out.

For example, Paddy works in a well-respected boat yard where he helps fix up local fishing boats.

Unfortunately for Paddy, some heavy piece of machinery (use your imagination here, but I’m thinking of a huge rusting anchor covered in barnacles and whatnot) falls on his legs, and he sustains some serious damage.

Naturally, Paddy has to take time off work to heal and recoup, but his employer is pretty sure that the damage to his legs will make it impossible for Paddy to navigate the work he was employed to do.

So, Paddy’s employer brings in an external doctor to assess his condition, who finds that Paddy won’t regain the feeling of his legs. So it wouldn’t be safe for Paddy to continue working in his previous role.

Now, his employer isn’t a bad auld skin.

He doesn’t want to leave Paddy in the lurch. So, he offers him another

a) role that’s a little less physical or

b) the door

This kind of dismissal is completely legal, and the same goes for a long-term illness that means an employee will never be able to return to work.

That being said, an employer can dismiss an employee if they have been on sick leave for an extended period just because they decide that this extended ‘holiday’ is the same as the employee resigning.

That route will land an employer in a whole heap of trouble and the ex-employee with a tasty amount of compensation.

What Happens To Income Protection If You’re Dismissed or Lose Your Job?

Although employers are all about the bottom line, you’ll be surprised, shocked, stunned and agog when you hear income protection providers have far more heart!

And this is why you should take great care when choosing an income protection provider because most insurers will continue to pay your income protection payments even if you get canned while out on an income protection claim.

Not only does salary protection insurance guarantee a replacement income of up to 75% of what you normally earn so that you can ensure all those boring bills are paid, and your family is fed, but even if it turns out that your employer is a tight-fisted, cruel-hearted peace of shite, you won’t be left in the gutter watching your savings slowly dwindle to zero.

As I said, not all insurers were created equal; this is only a money-making game for many of them.

Some will have some almost invisible small print they hope you’ll skim over that clearly states a cut-off if you lose your job during your sick leave or if your company ceases to trade when you are out on a claim.

Not ideal.

So, you must be vigilant when choosing your income protection insurer.

Over To You…

I get it.

Thinking about a future illness isn’t easy and imagining a future with no money is even scarier.

You’re sitting there thinking, “it’ll probably never happen to me”, and you’re probably right.

The odds are in your favour.

However, I often take calls that start with “Nick, do I have income protection or serious illness cover because…”

They’re the worst conversations because

  1. You have just been diagnosed with some horrible illness and have no financial safety net.
  2. I blame myself for not pushing income protection harder.

By the way, the struggle between coming across as a pushy sales guy trying to make a buck and someone who cares about you is REAL.

I guess that’s why I blog so much – it gives you the tools to decide to buy income protection before you even contact me.

Now, if this sounds like you, don’t worry; I’ve got your back.

Mise and my expert team eat, breathe, and sleep protection.

We want to help you get the very best deal for your needs.

We want you to be fully protected should the shit hit the fan.

I mean, it’s our job, and we’re really proud of how bloody good we are at it.

Yes, I’m bragging, but I don’t care.

It’s the truth.

So, if you need a little helping hand or have a few questions we can only clear for you, we’re ready and waiting for your call.

If you like a good old natter on the telephone, you can catch us here on

Want me to call you? That’s cool. You can schedule a call here

If you’re a little more people shy and would rather avoid an actual conversation, don’t worry; I’m an introvert sympathiser, and we don’t judge, email me directly to myself at

OR finally, (so many options!) complete this income protection questionnaire, and I’ll be right back with a no-obligation recommendation and some quotes.

Thanks for reading


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