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Can I get Income Protection Before Starting a New Job?

If you’re considering a career change, congratulations!

Job hopping can be scary, but  incredibly rewarding.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are looking for a new challenge, here are some things to consider when changing jobs.

Income Protection for Small Business Owners in Ireland

If you're a small business owner, you want to know that if something horrific were to prevent you from working, that you and your family would be financially secure.

A long-term disability or income protection policy can help cover the costs of day to day living while you can focus on getting better without money worries.

But some business owners don't have income protection.


Income Protection for Office Workers | Has it hit you yet?

Back in the day, it seems that office workers lived in a veritable minefield. Every day they ran the gauntlet getting to and from work.

Watch any movie from way back when and it’s easy to believe that being hit by a falling piano was an everyday risk. There were open manholes, men delivering huge sheets of glass, banana skins on the pavement, and distracted bus drivers breaking red lights.

It’s not raining pianos anymore, but you never know what could blindside you and stop you from earning.

That's why income protection is so important.

Sick Leave & Sick Pay

But then Sarah gets sick.

She’s out of work for a week because of cramps. The company she works for are decent and pay her for up to 10 sick days a year. Sarah’s not worried.

But then the cramps don’t go away and she finds out she’s got cancer and she’s about to face a long medical battle, and god knows how long out of work.

Those 10 paid sick days are all the company cover.

So, what happens next? And what if something like that were to happen to you?

Income Protection for the Self Employed & Freelancers

You and I have a lot in common.

Like me, you’re self-employed, or your partner is.

Like me, you’ve taken a risk by forfeiting a cushy role as an employee where you had the comfort of a regular income.

You’ve left behind benefits like income protection and death in service.

And you waved goodbye to illness benefit from the state should you get sick.

Are you CRAZY?

What is an Income Protection Deferred Period?

The income protection deferred period is important.

Shorter deferred periods mean a higher premium.

But is a longer deferred period a waste of money?

Income Protection or Serious Illness Cover?

Are you ready for some truth?

You're screwed if you can't work.

And if you have a family who depends on your income, well they're fecked too.

Imagine trying to pay the mortgage, all the bills and live on illness benefit of €200 per week.


That's why protecting your income is the most grown-up thing you can do especially if...

How to Compare Income Protection in Ireland (2021 Edition)

It’s highly likely that when you were a smallie, your ma or your da told you that to be successful in life, you need to do well in school, get a good job, and work hard.

It’s not bad life advice, though it’s probably a little different now given that every eight-year-old wants to be a YouTuber.

Instead of working hard, all you gotta do to be a millionaire is make videos of you playing video games while screaming at your computer.

Keep it up, son, and someday you might be PewDiePie.

How Income Protection Works in Ireland in 2021

Your No Bullshit Guide to Income Protection

Based on questions I have been asked over the years.


Safeguarding Your Home Using Income Protection

Imagine if you didn't have a PUP.

Now I'm not talking about your four-legged friend.

No siree Bob, I'm talking about the Pandemic Unemployment Payment that many of us are trying to survive on since fecking COVID19 hit.

It's not a lot of money, but it's a lifesaver for thousands of people.

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