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Do You Need to do a Medical for Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection?


If you have a medical issue or history of illness that you are concerned about, please call me on 05793 20836 or scroll down and complete the quick outline form. I will speak to my panel of insurers confidentially so you’ll know in advance what medical information is required. Thanks, Nick.

Do I Need To Do A Life Insurance Medical Exam?

The life insurance companies try to avoid a medical exam as they have to pay the GP for his or her report.

Life insurance providers don’t like spending money unnecessarily…it eats into their profits.


So 9 times out of 10, just completing the application form will get you life cover.

But sometimes more information is needed, especially where you have had an illness in the past.

When this happens, the insurer contacts your GP for your medical report.

If the insurer can’t make a decision based on the contents of your medical report then you’ll be asked to go for a medical exam with your GP.

Again, the insurer pays the bill.

Think of it as a free check-up (here’s how to prepare for a life insurance medical exam)

In exceptional circumstances, you’ll be asked to attend an independent doctor for an exam.

This usually only happens if you’re at an advanced age, the amount of cover is large or your health condition is complicated.

Remember if the insurer declines or accepts you for cover at an increased price, you’ll have to disclose this to all of the other insurers should you apply looking for a better price. Therefore, it’s best to first apply to the most favourable insurer for your condition.

Each insurance company will take a different view of the same health issue so one insurer may offer you the normal price whereas another may increase your price.

For example, each insurer has it’s own height to weight ratio charts so you could be overweight according to one insurer but normal weight with another.

Here are some of the most common questions you ask in relation to life insurance medicals.

Life Insurance Medicals FAQ:

What is a life insurance questionnaire?

Your life insurance application form consists of a series of health questions to which you answer either yes or no.

If you answer yes, indicating you have suffered from a certain medical condition, you must then give more details on the application form to help the insurance company to decide whether they can cover you or not.

If they need more information about your medical condition in order to make a decision, they will ask you to complete a questionnaire.

Your insight and knowledge about your medical condition is a good indicator of how you are currently dealing with it and how you will control your condition in the future.

Therefore, you should complete the questionnaire in as much detail as possible.

If the insurer is still not satisfied, they will write to your GP seeking further information.

See below.

What is a life insurance medical report (PMA/PMAR)?

If the insurer is not satisfied with the information given on your application form and/or questionnaire they will send a PMAR (Private Medical Attendant’s Report) to your GP for completion.

The life insurance medical report will outline the history of your medical condition. Your GP completes it based on your medical records. PMARs are commonly requested by insurance companies if you’re over 55 or where there’s a history of serious illness e.g. malignant cancer or heart attack.

A PMAR can significantly slow down your life insurance application.

On average it takes 12 working days for your life insurance medical report to be sent back to the insurance company. We would advise you to call your GP after 7 days to remind them of the importance of sending back the life insurance medical report.

The insurer will cover the cost of the medical report.

Do I need a life insurance medical exam?

life insurance medicalIn certain circumstances (e.g. your age combined with the amount of cover you applied for or due to answers you have given on your application) you will be asked to attend an independent doctor for a medical exam.

The doctor, experienced at doing examinations for the insurance industry, will be chosen by the insurance company.

The examination usually takes around a half an hour and consists of two parts:

  1. Detailed questions on your own and your family’s medical history.
  2. A full physical exam including urine test (sometimes a blood test)

The results of the medical will be sent directly to the Chief Medical Officer of the insurance company. They will not be discussed with you.

Once your insurance provider makes a decision, they will be in touch with us and we will contact you.

The insurer will cover the cost of the medical exam.

What are life insurance special terms?

When you apply for life insurance, there can be four different outcomes.

  1. Accepted at standard rates- normal price
  2. Accepted on special terms – higher price
  3. Postponement – see below
  4. Decline – see below

Being accepted on special terms means the insurer has rated you as a higher risk of death or illness than a healthy person based on your life insurance medical history. (e.g. as a result of height and weight issues or other pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes)

As you are seen as higher risk, the insurer will ask you to pay a higher premium than somebody in perfect health.

I have been postponed for life cover. What does that mean?

This means that the insurer cannot offer you cover at the moment. This could be because of your past health, a recent medical issue or because you are due to undergo future tests or investigations.

As a result, the life insurance company will postpone your application for a certain period of time.

When cover is postponed, your GP will get a letter from the life insurance company’s Chief Medical Officer outlining the reasons for the postponement and when cover may be offered in the future. You can discuss the findings with your GP who can contact the Chief Medical Officer at any time in writing.

If your GP has fresh evidence of why the insurance company should reconsider their decision, she should send it in writing to the Chief Medical Officer.

After the postponement period has ended you can reapply.

Although you have been postponed by one insurer, we can apply to a different insurer on your behalf if you so wish. Another insurer may come to a different decision based on the medical evidence at hand.

My application for life cover has been turned down. Why?

You have been declined for life cover because of your health or a recent medical issue. To come to this decision the insurer would have used the information found in one or more of the following sources;

In addition, the insurer has access to huge amounts of statistical data that allows them to make their decision.

Most decisions to refuse cover are based on known medical histories such as raised blood pressure, heart problems, cancer and so on, rather than new, previously unrecognised findings.

The Chief Medical Officer of the insurance company will have written to your GP giving the reasons for declining cover. You should discuss these finding with your GP.

If your GP has fresh evidence of why the insurance company should reconsider their decision,she should send it in writing to the Chief Medical Officer.

Although you have been declined by one insurer, we can apply to a different insurer on your behalf if you so wish.  Another insurer may come to a different decision based on the medical evidence to

Over to you…

Take professional, independent advice and apply to the insurer who looks most favourably on your condition. It’s my job to find that insurer for you.

Complete the form below if you’d like some advice and I’ll be in touch. Alternatively call me personally on 05793 20836.

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