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Which Life Insurance Company Do We Recommend in 2020?

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Leading Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection Providers 2020

  1. Mortgage Protection if you’re not married | Buy one policy from Aviva, one from Royal London
  2. Mortgage Protection if you’re married | Buy one dual life convertible policy from Aviva
  3. Life Insurance | Zurich Life
  4. Life Insurance & Accelerated Serious Illness Cover | New Ireland
  5. Whole of Life Cover with Cashback | Royal London
  6. Standard Whole of Life Cover | Zurich Life
  7. Standalone Serious Illness Cover | New Ireland
  8. Guaranteed Income Protection | Aviva
  9. Reviewable Income Protection | Aviva
  10. Pension Term Assurance | Royal London

Who is the best life insurance company in Ireland?

If you’re considering buying life insurance cover, you’ve done some research on the web, and you’ve probably encountered some discussions about which insurer is the best.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

There is no “best”.

You see, the best life insurance company for me may not be the one for you…because we have different needs to protect (unless you also have 3 kids under 7 and a Celtic Tiger mortgage)

The purpose of this article is to honestly examine the 6 life insurance providers in Ireland under 4 headings:

  1. Benefits
  2. Price
  3. Service
  4. Underwriting
  5. Claims

Once you have read our Review of Irish Life Insurance Providers, you’ll be well on your way to making up your own mind as to which insurer suits you.

1. Which Life Insurance Company Offers the Most Benefits?

Each insurer tries to differentiate itself on the benefits it offers.

2. Which Life Insurance Company Gives the Cheapest Price?

Most insurers will now match the lowest price available in the market and offer further discounts too.

The discounts change all the time but we keep on top of them.

You can get a quote (including the latest discounts) here

3. Which Life Insurance Company Provides the Quickest Service?

Aviva has the quickest turnaround times in Ireland. They are the quickest at approving your application and issuing your policy.

If a PMAR is required then the speed of your application will depend on how efficient your GP is.

We can print policy certificates for Aviva and Zurich in our office which speeds up the delivery of your documents by a couple of days.

4. Which Life Insurance Company Doesn’t Need Medicals for Underwriting?

This is important so listen carefully at the back!

If you have “a clean proposal” i.e. no medical issues and no family history of medical issues then the insurer will offer you cover instantly,

However, even in cases of perfect health, the insurance company may insist on further medical information due to

In summary, if you feel that your age (40+) or level of cover (€500k+) will be a factor, please get in touch and we can recommend the insurer that has the least onerous medical requirements.

Finally, if you have a medical condition, run it by us first. Some insurers are more lenient for certain illness than others

e.g one insurer can increase your premium substantially for being overweight while another may offer you the normal price.

5. Life Insurance Claims

For me, life insurance is all about the claim.

It’s great getting cover with great benefits, at a good price, with impeccable service and sympathetic underwriting but this counts for zilch if the insurer doesn’t pay your claim.

Claims are so important, they deserve an article of their own…which is what I wrote here

Which Life Insurance Company Do We Recommend?

It’s the dreaded “it depends”.

It depends on, among other things:

As I said at the start, there is no “best” insurer especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

The insurers we trusted to protect you in 2019

For what it’s worth, here’s the breakdown of where we insured our clients last year.

Did you know we’re the only life insurance broker who publishes these figures every year,

What have the others got to hide?


If you’d like me to recommend the best insurer for you based on where you are in life at the moment, please complete this financial questionnaire and I’ll get back to you over email with a personalised recommendation.

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