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October 9 2019 2 min read Life Insurance Medical Issues

alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 50-60% of all cases. It is a progressive neurological condition characterised by the build-up of proteins known as plaques in the brain. These plaques gradually damage and destroy the nerve cells making it more and more difficult to remember, reason, understand and express ideas. There is currently no known cause and no cure for the condition.

Can I get life insurance with Alzheimers Disease?

I’m afraid it’s not possible to get life insurance with Alzheimers Disease

What about a family history of Alzheimers Disease?

If one of your parents suffered from Alzheimers Disease, you can get life insurance but be careful which insurer you apply to.

Some insurers will automatically increase your price by 50% because a family member had Alzheimers Disease.

We deal with one insurer who can offer you the standard price.

What about suffering dementia after an injury?

Recently one of out clients had her premium increased because her mother had suffered dementia after a serious fall.

Fortunately, we knew who to turn to and our other insurer offered her the normal price.

Over to you…

If you’re considering applying for life insurance with a family history of Alzheimers Disease and need some advice on which company is best, please call me on 05793 20836 or complete this short form.

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Life Insurance Medical Issues
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Can I Get Life Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition?

Don't worry, it's possible to get life insurance with a pre-existing condition but for your own sake, please use a broker who deals with ALL of the life insurance providers

I cannot stress how important this is.

If you approach a broker after you've been declined, postponed or had your premium increased then you have a problem as you'll face this question on all subsequent applications:
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