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Skin Disorders and Life Insurance

skin disorders and life insurance

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Generally, a skin disorder won’t affect your mortgage protection or life insurance price. However, if you are looking for income protection, the insurer may exclude your skin condition as a reason to claim.

Sometimes, an insurer will load/increase your premium because of the medication prescribed to treat your condition.

This article will go through the most common skin disorders our clients ask us about.

Does Psoriasis affect mortgage protection or life insurance?

If you have Psoriasis, not to be confused with psoriatic arthritis, you shouldn’t have an issue getting either remortgage protection or life insurance.

Psoriasis causes patchy skin called plaques. Psoriatic arthritis causes joint swelling that can lead to permanent damage.

But, depending on the treatment (and the insurer you apply to), you may pay more for your cover.

e.g. at some insurers, the use of Humira will attract a loading.

psoriasis and life insurance

Can lots of moles on your skin affect mortgage protection

Benign moles, AKA nevi, are a common type of skin growth.

They are harmless, so you’d think they wouldn’t cause any life-cover problems, but you’d be wrong.

As hard as this may be to believe, the insurers will increase your premium depending on how many moles you have.

Yep, I’m actually serious.

Start counting!

If you have more than 40, you will pay more with some insurers.

moles and life insurance

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases like lupus, vasculitis, and sarcoidosis can affect the skin, as can Raynaud’s Syndrome.

We discuss these conditions in more detail in this blog:

Life Insurance with Autoimmune Diseases

What other skin conditions may affect life insurance?

Skin Tags – no issue once removed

Anal Fissures – fine if fully resolved

Acne/Eczema/Rosacea/Dermatitis – OK for life insurance and mortgage protection; there may be an income protection exclusion depending on the severity.

Skin cancer/melanoma – Can you get life insurance after cancer?

Angioedema/urticaria/hives – acute (once-off) breakouts are grand, and if it’s a chronic case, the insurer will need more information on the underlying cause.

Skin Disorders and Life Insurance – Over to you

Most skin complaints won’t cause you an issue with life insurance or mortgage protection, but some insurers are strict on income protection and will exclude it as a pre-existing condition.

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