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Life Insurance Tullamore

life insurance Tullamore

Not many people know this, but we’ve been a life insurance broker in Tullamore since 1997.

Remember Talbot’s Shop? Mrs Talbot used to sell all sorts of sweets in “quarter bags” – you could call her the original “Mrs McGuire’s“.

Well, we bought Talbot’s shop way back in 1997 and have been serving Tullamore ever since – that’s a quarter of a century providing life insurance products to the local community in Tullamore!

Brendan McGowan (the auld boy!) founded the company in 1981; he was joined by his daughter Lisa in 1997, with yours truly taking over the online side of the family business in 2007.

Since then, my wife Hannah has joined ably assisted by Amy (the first non-family member) and Fionnán (the Apprentice).

We’re proud of our family business and proud to serve Tullamore.

But enough about us – what can we do for you?

We’re your one-stop online shop when it comes to insurance and financial services. Our fancy description is that we’re a “multi-agency intermediary” – this means we can give you insurance quotes from a wide range of companies, including:

What products do we arrange?

You can buy mortgage protection (the one you need if you’re buying a house), life insurance (essential if you have kids), serious illness cover (for all the bad stuff) and our favourite; income protection (if you’re working, it’s a no-brainer)

Life Insurance Tullamore

You can buy life insurance anywhere these days, be it online, direct from a bank or a broker but if you’re local and you like to do things online, please consider us.

It’ll give you all the feelz to work with a local broker and keep business in the town.

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Or, if you’d like a quick chat first, please schedule a callback here.

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Life Insurance
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Getting Mortgage Protection & Life Insurance in the COVID-19 Era (12 months in)

I remember when this shitshow started back in March.

Clients with certain health conditions couldn't get cover so I put a note on their file to get back to them in 6 months time.

Surely by now, this would have all blown over?

Don’t know where to start?

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Life Insurance Quotes - Free and Easy!

As Ireland's leading life insurance broker, we specialise in comparing the rates and policies from the top five Irish life insurance providers and offering the very best value quotes to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in finding a suitable insurance plan for those with specific needs, be it a particular illness, occupation or claim history, we've got you covered in every sense!

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