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A little birdie told me that you’re holding back on life insurance because you’re worried about discussing some health issues you have.

That’s awful, but I understand.

First, any insurance broker worth their salt shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable about personal health issues, but I’m sure this won’t quell the fear.

So how about if I told you one of our rather clever insurers now offers an app that means your broker has ZERO access to your medical information.

That’s right.

With Appy, a new medical underwriting app, insurance advisors have less involvement in your medical history.

Life Insurance Exclusions – What’s Not Covered By Life Insurance Policies?

When we dive headfirst into life insurance, we tend to focus on all the things we can get from our policies.

Like how much money your family will get, what the policy covers, and most importantly, how much we have to hand over for the pleasure of knowing we're financially safe should the shit hit the proverbial.

You wouldn’t buy a house without knowing what it came with and how much your mortgage repayments are; tis the same for your life insurance policy.

But what about the things you don’t get?

You probably want all the deets on that too.

So, let’s get personal and work out what kind of life insurance exclusions you may be able to preempt.

What’s the Best Age to Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance, mortgages, nasal hair clippers, Spanx.

I remember when these things were for old people.

Now I own three of the four (imagine life without Spanx!).

Now I am old.

But how old do you need to be for life insurance?

Aviva Life Insurance 2022 Reviewed

You know what life insurance is. You get why it is important, but which insurer will you throw your cash at like an Irish man let loose in Cheltenham.

Choosing a life insurance provider is a big deal, and none of us wants to screw up and pick someone who doesn't have our best interests at heart. I think that's why many of us avoid the life insurance game altogether. It's easier to bury our heads in the sand, right?


It's time to shake off any reservations you may have and back that horse (on the nose, none of those each way shenanigans) to finally give yourself and your fam some extra protection.

Why is Health Insurance Cheaper When You’re Under 35?

The best time to purchase health insurance was before you turned 35. The second best time to purchase health insurance is today.

In other words, the longer you hold off buying it, the more expensive it gets, and there is nothing anybody can do to help you get it cheaper (unless you know a wild-haired doctor who drives a stainless steel car).

3 Ways You May Be Underinsured For Life Insurance

WARNING : There are three immediate threats to your family's safety. Death, illness and injury.

GOOD NEWS : You can plan against all three.

In this article, I'll show you how.

The Battle of the Brokers: Which Life Insurance Broker is Best?

Cast your mind back to History class in school and the epic battles of our time. 

The Battle of Hastings.

The Siege of Stalingrad.

The Invasion of Normandy.

 Millions fought in bloody, awful wars.

And now we have the Battle of the Brokers, where a man on the internet will compare Life Insurance brokers so you can choose which one is right for you. 

It’s scintillating stuff, folks.

What Happens When You Make a Life Insurance Claim?

Nobody wants to think about what will happen when you exit stage left but, as boring as it can be, preparation is always key.

So you're paying your premium monthly towards your life insurance, serious illness cover and income protection, but what happens when you or your loved ones need to claim on that policy?

Newlywed’s Life Insurance | The Essential Guide

You’ve just got married, and you’re already thinking about your other halves’ potential death.

How very Henry the VIII of you.

In all seriousness, getting married is a big deal. Of course, it is – there’s nothing quite like standing up in front of your friends and families and pledging your love to someone forever.

Five Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance (and one reason you don’t)

Life insurance used to be for the wealthy.

Many of us 'regular' folk's parents ain't never had no need for no life insurance (gone kinda deep south there for some reason)

Maybe your old man never saw the point or the old dear said it was a waste of valuable money.

Notions, like.

It's far from life insurance you were born young Seán, the car isn't even insured and that's useful.

However, these days, because it's so affordable, life insurance is no longer a luxury.

It's a necessity.

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