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Best House Purchase (Conveyance) Solicitor Ireland 2024

first time buyer solicitor ireland

House Purchase Solicitor Recommendations Ireland

Finding a reliable solicitor in Ireland isn’t an easy job.

It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, blindfolded, wearing boxing gloves.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a rake of solicitors out there who have your best interests at heart and will treat you like an actual person instead of “billable hours”, but finding one is not easy.

So I’m glad you found this page.

You can relax now because:

  1. We’re not a law firm, so you’ll be able to understand this page without having to dust off your dictionary.
  2. We have no connection to any of the firms on the list, they cannot pay to be on the list, so you can be sure it’s independent of any solicitor influence.

With that said, on we go.

Why Do I Need A Solicitor When Buying a House?

I know what you’re thinking.

Do I even need a solicitor for my mortgage?

Yes, unless you want to try and sort out the legal side of your house purchase yourself.

Yeah, you might be handy with a tin of paint or know your way around a car engine, but c’mon, wise up, you’re no legal eagle.

You need a solicitor when you’re buying (or selling) a property.

If you’re a first-time buyer in Ireland, the solicitor part of purchasing a home is key.

You want to make there are no skeletons in the cupboard, literal or figurative because once you have bought the house, you have very little comeback.

So when spending hundreds of thousands, you want a solicitor that will do ALL the due diligence before you sign your binding contracts.

Also, you’re going to have a million questions so you want a solicitor that is patient and responsive/

And I want to help you find a good’un.

How Did a Solicitor Make It Onto This List?

They paid me a fortune.

Yeah, right; if you know solicitors, you know they’re pretty tight with the old wallet.

Like, if you’re ever out with a solicitor, make sure they get the first round in.

I’m allowed to say this as I was one of them for a while (UCD Law 99 – yep, I’m THAT old ), so I have a few solicitor friends, but none appear on this list because that sort of nepotism wouldn’t be fair, now would it?

The solicitors I have listed come highly rated by their clients on the Facebook First-time Buyer Page and have exceptional Google reviews.

Now, I could give you recommendations for the best solicitors in the country, but there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found the perfect solicitor only to discover they’re all the way down in Cork when you’re living near Malin Head.

So, I’m going to break it down by each county.

Also, picking a solicitor is just like choosing a therapist.

Sometimes you just don’t click.

It doesn’t mean you sack the whole thing in; you try a new one until you find the right fit.

That’s why I’ve given you a choice of two from each county.

Now, a disclaimer (it is a page about solicitors, so I’m legally obliged to add a disclaimer).

The list is only my opinion (with google’s help); always do your own research. If it all goes wrong, don’t blame me!

Here goes:

Nationwide Online House Purchase Solicitor

Parker Law: brilliant – based in Waterford but very responsive over email

Disclaimer: Suzanne is a Trusted Partner of the Facebook First Time Buyers Group (as are
You can check her mentions there; all the reviews are glowing.

Conveyancing Solicitors In Dublin

In the big schmoke, you have hundreds of solicitors to choose from.

Here’s the one we trust.

Ian is a top man.

O’Donnell McKenna Solicitor

First Time Buyer Solicitor In Kerry

If you need a top solicitor in County Kerry, come here to me, and I’ll tell you something for nothing.

These lads are great, well, they are, and they aren’t.

Naughton & McGrath Solicitors

Purchasing Solicitor In Kilkenny

As an Offaly man, we’re sick of losing to ye in the hurling, but I’ll be nice and help you out with a solicitor recommendation:

Hughes Walsh

Harte Solicitors

Conveyancing Solicitor In Donegal

Are you looking for the best solicitors in County Donegal? Here are my top picks to get you started.

O’Donnell McKenna Solicitor.

Lanigan Clarke

Recommended Solicitor for a Mortgage In Leitrim

Are you a first-time buyer who needs a solicitor in County Leitrim, I’ve hand-picked some of the best to help you out.

McCormack Solicitors

Collins Solicitors

House Purchase Solicitor In Sligo

Here is a selection of the best solicitors in County Sligo for your legal needs.


Michael Monahan

Home Buying Solicitors In Cavan

I’ve got you covered if you are on the hunt for the top solicitors in County Cavan.

George Maloney

Keaney Nevin

Conveyancing Solicitor In Monaghan

Please find below my top picks for the best solicitors in County Monaghan.

Catherine Allison

Ann McGarry

House Purchase Solicitor In Meath

Need a conveyancing solicitor in the Royal County? You’re in the right place. These are my top solicitor picks for your county.

Terry Gorry Solicitor

Paul Brady & Co

Recommended Solicitor for a Mortgage In Louth

Ah the wee county.

Here is a selection of my best picks for solicitors in County Louth.

Niall Breen Solicitors

Peter Woods Solicitors

First Time Buyer Solicitor In Kildare

Looking for a recommendation for the best solicitors for buying a house in Kildare?

Coonan Morgan

McCormack Solicitors LLP

Conveyancing Solicitor In Wicklow

I’ve listed my top picks for solicitors in Wicklow. So if you’re looking for the best, I’ve got you covered.

Augustus Cullen

O’Brien Murray

House Purchase Solicitor In Wexford

The Sunny South East, where I spent many summers as a teen – Kilmuckridge is the best.

For those looking for the best solicitor to help them buy a house in County Wexford, keep reading to find out who I recommend.

Ensor O’ Connor Solicitors

O’Gorman Law

Recommended Solicitor for a Mortgage In Laois

Hello neighbour!

If you need the best solicitor in County Laois, keep reading to find out who I recommend.

Rolleston Solicitors 

Hanahoe and Hanahoe Solicitors

Solicitors In Offaly

Hon, the Faithful!

You’ll want the best if you’re looking for a solicitor in County Offaly. Here are my top picks.

Niall J Moran

Smyth Stapleton

Solicitor In Westmeath

About to buy your first home in County Westmeath? You’ll probably want the very best, so here are my top picks for the best solicitors in County Westmeath.

Eoin Clarke & Co Solicitors

Buckley & Company Solicitors

Solicitor In Longford

If you’re searching for the best solicitors in County Longford, you’re in the right place. Here are my top solicitor picks for you.

Connellan Solicitors

Fergus A Feeney Solicitors

House Purchase Solicitor In Roscommon

Are you looking for the best solicitors in County Roscommon? I’ve got you covered with my solicitor recommendations.

Liddy Neilan LLP Solicitors

Staunton Caulfield & Co. Solicitors

Solicitors In Mayo

If you’ve been looking for the best solicitors in County Mayo, keep reading because I have some great recommendations.

P. O’Connor & Son Solicitors

Jennings & Co. Solicitors

Solicitors In Galway


Keep reading if you have been on the hunt for the best solicitors in County Galway because I have some great recommendations for you.

Ciara Lennon Solicitors

Louise Howard Solicitors

Solicitors In Clare

To find out who I believe is the best of the best solicitors in County Clare, keep reading.

Loughnane Solicitors

MMOD Solicitors

Solicitors In Tipperary

If you’re looking for the top solicitors in Tipperary, ready my best picks for you.

JJ Fitzgerald & Co.

English Leahy Solicitors

Solicitors In Waterford

If you need a solicitor, here are my top picks for the best solicitors in County Waterford.

Parker Law

MM Halley & Son Solicitors

Solicitors In Cork

Where I sported and played beneath the green leafy shade (when I was a young lad).

Looking for the best solicitor in County Cork? Here are my top recommendations for you.

Taylor Solicitors

Murphy & Condon Solicitors

House Purchase Solicitor In Limerick

If you have been looking for a doozy of a solicitor, here are my top picks for the best solicitors in County Limerick.

Tina Hills Solicitors

Shanahan O’Sullivan Legal LLP Solicitors

Over To You…

Finding a solicitor can feel like a long and tricky road, but I hope my list of recommendations has relieved some of the stress and made it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

While you’re here, if you need mortgage protection, my crack commando unit is here to help.

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