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Vhi Life Insurance Review

I’ll admit I was worried when Vhi life insurance entered the market.

Vhi has one million customers, that’s roughly 990,000 more than us.

Little taking on the mighty Vhi is like David taking on Goliath, CĂșchulainn and Geoff Capes simultaneously

Plus Zurich Life were underwriting their policies. As you know I like Zurich Life, so I felt betrayed.

How could they do this to me? Howwwwwwww?

Betrayed and worried, not a good combination.

But after reading through the Vhi life insurance bit s and bobs, I felt a wave of relief washing over me.

It was like waking from THAT Leaving Cert dream.

I realised only an eejit would buy from them, and our customers are far too discerning.

So let’s see what Vhi life insurance are all about….starting with The Good.

Are Vhi Good for life insurance?

Vhi life insurance through Zurich has two benefits over our life insurance through Zurich Life.

Free waiver of premium benefit

This means you won’t have to pay your premiums if you’re unable to work for over 13 weeks.

That’s a handy one especially if your premiums are going to be on the high side (and they certainly will be high if your choose VHI ?)

Counselling support

Counselling support gives you access to face-to-face counselling (up to 4 sessions) and a 24/7 freephone helpline, provided by Vhi.

But this can be withdrawn at any time.

Moving onto The Bad…

Can you trust Vhi life insurance?

This is where it gets interesting. Although Zurich Life underwrites the policy, there are big differences in what they offer. The devil is in the detail.

Maximum age you can apply

If you’re over 60, forget about applying, you won’t qualify.

But with our Zurich Life policy, you can apply for cover up to age 74.

Maximum age you can insure yourself to

You can only insure yourself up to age 70. Once you reach 70, they cancel your policy…so if you plan on living to 71, you have a decision to make.

With our Zurich Life policy, you can insure yourself to age 89.

Protection continuation option

The conversion option allows you to extend the term of your policy at any stage.

But with life insurance from the Vhi, you can only extend your policy to age 70.  At 70, your policy ends and they pocket your premiums.

But with our Zurich Life policy, you can extend your policy to your 89th birthday.

Finally, let’s look at the DOWNRIGHT UGLY elements of Vhi life insurance

How much does Vhi life insurance cost?

A LOT MORE than it should is the simple answer.

Have a look at this quote:

VHi v LION for Life Insurance


Vhi Life Insurance | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

One last thing to be aware of is that Vhi isn’t a life insurance broker.

They are a tied agent of Zurich Life so can only sell Zurich Life products, they cannot advise on life insurance available at the other insurers:

Aviva, Irish Life, New Ireland and Royal London.

We like Zurich for most things but for some underlying conditions, they are very strict. Remember if VHI refuses your application, you will have to disclose this refusal in all subsequent applications. This will raise a red flag at the other providers making it more difficult to get cover at the best price.

Over to you…

The Vhi life insurance terms and conditions are skewed in favour of the insurer, but with one million customers and a MAHOOSIVE advertising budget,  I’m sure they’ll find a few suckers.

Hopefully you’re not one of them.

Vhi | Very High Insurance Premiums

If you’d like some help protecting your family, please complete this questionnaire and I’ll be right back with a no-obligation recommendation.


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