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Mortgage Protection Insurance for Cancer Survivors in Ireland

mortgage protection cancer survivors

06.12.2023 The Code is now in place at all of the insurers we deal with.

Right to be *Forgotten | What is the Mortgage Protection Code of Practice for Cancer Survivors?

Some welcome news for Cancer Survivors.

On June 7th, 2023, Insurance Ireland announced the complete details of their new Code of Practice for Underwriting Mortgage Insurance for Cancer Survivors.

Under this Code, insurance companies will not consider a cancer diagnosis if the person is in complete remission and active treatment ended more than 7 years before the application (or more than 5 years if the individual was under 18 at the time of diagnosis)

Cancer survivors can get mortgage protection (reducing life insurance) of up to €500,000 for a mortgage on their primary residence.

This initiative came after discussions with the Irish Cancer Society, which highlighted the difficulty that many cancer survivors face in obtaining life cover to secure a mortgage.

The full text of the Code can be accessed here.

*Although people are calling this the Right to Be Forgotten, we will call it the Right to Be Ignored. You see, you still have to disclose your history of cancer but the insurer will ignore it when underwriting your application if it satisfies the required conditions.

When will the Right to be Ignored for Cancer Survivors Begin?

The Code will come into effect on December 6th, 2023.

Who will Oversee it to Make Sure the Insurers are Complying?

Insurance Ireland will appoint an external reviewer to ensure proper implementation and adherence to the Code, with a report on the findings made available to relevant stakeholders.

The first review will occur in January 2025 to assess implementation, followed by subsequent reviews in 2028 and every three years thereafter.

The Code itself will be revised along with each review.

Which Insurers Have Signed up?

The list of signatories below consists of members from Insurance Ireland:

  • Acorn Life
  • Aviva Life & Pensions
  • Irish Life
  • Laya Healthcare
  • New Ireland Assurance
  • Royal London
  • Zurich Life Assurance plc.

Does the Code apply to Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover or Income Protection?

No, it applies to mortgage protection on a primary residence only.

I’m Paying a Huge Premium, can I Switch my Policy in December?

Yes, assuming you are eligible, you can take out a new policy and pay the standard price for your cover.

Do I Still Have to Disclose my History of Cancer?


You will still be asked about your history of cancer and other illnesses.

Insurers need to gather this data to measure/quantify this risk and also have the data to demonstrate they are complying with the Code.

Over to you…

By exercising the Right to be Forgotten, cancer survivors can enhance their chances of obtaining affordable insurance coverage, facilitating their journey towards homeownership without unnecessary barriers or stigmatisation associated with their past medical condition.

It is indeed welcome news.

If you need some help, let me know.

Thanks for reading

Nick | Protection Broker of the Year 

Editors Note | We first published this blog in June 2023 and have update it regularly since.


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