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Life Insurance Underwriting

How Life Insurance Underwriting Works:


What is life insurance underwriting?

Before a life insurance provider decides whether to offer you cover, it needs to assess the possibility of you claiming on your policy.

This is called life insurance underwriting. I found this helpful definition on Roger Edwards’ website

Underwriting is the combination of science and maths to work out a price for a customer. It looks at an individual’s health, their hobbies, occupational risks and where they travel. Healthy office-workers will pay a lower price than unhealthy people in dangerous jobs. But the aim is to charge as little as they can so everyone benefits.

It works like this:

life insurance underwriting process

Step 1

You send your application form to the insurer

Step 2

The underwriting department reviews your application

Step 3

After assessing the risk of a claim based on what you have disclosed in your application form, the insurer will either

  1. offer you cover
  2. request more information in the form of a

But even if your health is perfect, the insurer may look for more evidence because of your age and the cover you need.

e.g if you are 30 and require €500k, you can get cover based on an application form alone but if you’re 60 and looking for the same cover, you will need to give additional medical evidence.

Step 4

Once the insurer has reviewed all the medical evidence it will make one of the following decisions:

  1. Accept at the normal price
  2. Accept on special terms
  3. Postpone or decline

Over to you…

My job is to get you cover at the best price in the least amount of hassle whether you’re in perfect health or you’ve got some medical issues.

Don’t worry, most people have some health issue, it’s rare I see what we call a “clean” application form (i.e perfect health)

I know which insurer to apply to for your personal medical condition so you won’t waste time applying to unsympathetic insurers.

For example:

Call me on 05793 20836 or give me a quick outline using the form below and I’ll be right back.

I will recommend the best insurer for you based on YOUR health.

Everyone’s different so different insurers cater for different people with different health issues.

Remember, our discussions will be in complete confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nick McGowan
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