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Compare the Best Serious Illness Cover in Ireland

royal london or zurich life

Compare Zurich Life and Royal London for serious illness cover

Here’s a brief summary of their very recent history

Back in 2014, Zurich Life introduced the most comprehensive serious illness policy in Ireland.

They didn’t do so by adding illnesses that you have little or no likelihood of contracting.

You’re more likely to be attacked by a unicycling bear on a sunny day in Ireland that contract some of the illnesses covered by our insurers.

Instead they widened their definition of some illnesses, making it easier for you to claim.

Specifically they improved your chances of claiming on heart attack and strokes which are two of the main causes of claims.

I thought it was a great idea so was happy to champion Zurich as the best insurer for serious illness cover.

Pretty soon after, Royal London copied Zurich and added some extra illnesses of their own.

Kudos to them for doing so but I would rather they had come up with some of their own ideas rather than just mimic Zurich.

And even more recently

Last year Zurich improved their definition of cancer under their serious illness cover.

In effect, they would pay out €15,000 for any type of cancer if the tumour was treated by surgery.

Before this, your cancer had to be of a certain severity before the insurer would pay out.

With Zurich’s new definition, it was easier to claim.

Hooray and hurrah for Zurich, again I was happy to blog they offered the best serious illness cover in Ireland.

So what do you think has just happened…?

Royal London’s new and improved serious illness cover

Royal London will also make a partial payment for any cancer treated by surgery

Look, it’s an improvement and I shouldn’t knock it but to me it stinks of a commercial decision more than a consumer one.

Royal London had the chance to change their cover in a ground-breaking, original way, instead they just copied a competitor.


What is really new and exclusive to Royal London?

Donor Cover – €2500 payout to a living donor who donates a kidney, bone marrow or a portion of lung or liver to a family member

And I think that’s it.

It’s not going to really kick the competition into action is it?

It’s not going to make you think

Crikey, can I really be without serious illness cover?


I’m glad Royal London have improved their serious illness cover but to me it’s a missed opportunity.

From a commercial point of view, they can now declare they have the “best serious illness cover in Ireland” but instead of putting down a marker and steaming ahead of Zurich Life in the serious illness game, they have just drawn level.

Zurich  have no impetus to improve on their own cover, why should they?

That’s why we need one of the other insurers to rip up the rulebook and give us something that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

How’s about improving the definitions for all the most claimed on illnesses:

These illnesses make up over 90% of all claims so are the illnesses you are most likely to suffer.

And get rid of the crappy “bear on a unicycle” type illnesses like Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) – yes it’s covered.

Come on Aviva, Friends First, Irish Life, and New Ireland, I’m waiting.

Nick McGowan | making life insurance easier

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