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Specified Illness Cover

What’s the Difference between Additional and Accelerated Serious Illness Cover?

Remember being 14 or 15 in maths class in school? Your teacher, probably a bit of a gowl, would spend ages explaining the complicated maths on the board and then he’d ask you if you understood. You probably didn’t, but you said ‘yes’ anyway because you didn’t want to look like an eejit.

Next thing you know, Mr McGowl has asked you to come up to the board to solve an equation for ‘x’. You couldn’t find that ‘x’ if it was inscribed onto your forehead.

And all you can do is go up there and write some crap on the board while Mc Gowl tuts away.

The insurers quite often play this game when they name and explain things. Even with the best of intentions (I’ll let you consider how true that might be), they have a way of explaining things so that you can’t actually figure it out.
September 11 2019 4 min read Specified Illness Cover

Do Life Insurers Pay Out For A Critical Illness Claim?

You’re worried the insurer will pocket your premiums and then reject your critical illness claim.

Don’t be.

Life insurance providers will decline spurious claims, but if you have a genuine one, they will pay out.

There are two main reasons an insurer will reject a critical illness claim
April 10 2019 5 min read Specified Illness Cover

How Does Serious Illness Cover Work?

I knew a fella who got a serious illness and the insurer wouldn't pay out.

Ah here, you've to be half dead before it'll pay out.

It's all a scam, I tells ya, A SCAM!! I'm calling Joe...

You might be thinking along these lines too.

And I don't blame you, serious illness cover gets a rough ride as you only ever hear about declined claims

But stay with me and I'll explain how it works.

Who knows, your view might change.
March 13 2019 4 min read Specified Illness Cover

Cancer Insurance is Possible (even if you can’t get serious illness cover)

Quick quiz time. Name the four types of life insurance you can buy.


You got all four? Well done you (seems you're not just a pretty face)
But what if I told you there was a fifth?
Cancer life insurance - it's like the George Best of the life insurance world.

How To Pass A Life Insurance Medical Exam

You’ve been called for a life insurance medical exam with your GP or a nurse screening.

Your first question is probably ‘why?’

Your second is likely ‘what are they gonna do to me?’

Well, reader, strap on your seatbelt and buckle in.

Serious Illness Cover: The Ultimate Guide

Here’s the number one thing you need to know about Life Insurance: it isn’t actually for you; it’s to prevent a financial crisis for those you leave behind.

However, if you want to protect yourself then Serious Illness Cover is what you need.

Also known as Serious Illness Cover or Critical Illness Cover, Specified Serious Illness Cover pays you cash money if you get a serious illness. Get everything you need to know here.
May 25 2018 9 min read Specified Illness Cover

Best Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover in Ireland 2018

For the last 8 months, Royal London have had the upperhand with their improved critical illness cover offering.

But have Zurich Life dealt them a knockout blow?
January 10 2018 4 min read Blog Specified Illness Cover

Compare The Best Serious Illness Cover in Ireland

Royal London have updated their serious illness cover.

Are they now the best in Ireland.

Or have they missed their opportunity.
April 12 2017 4 min read Blog Specified Illness Cover

6 Super (and not at all pitchy) Reasons To Buy Serious Illness Cover ASAP

I admit I didn't think of half of these reasons for buying serious illness cover.

Hat tip to Stephen Lane of New Ireland.

Some really great reasons here.
March 22 2017 7 min read Blog Specified Illness Cover

3 Ways You May Be Underinsured For Life Insurance

WARNING : There are three immediate threats to your family's safety. Death, illness and injury.

GOOD NEWS : You can plan against all three.

In this article, I'll show you how.

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