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Life Assurance After a Heart Attack

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The technical term for what we commonly call a heart attack is a Myocardial Infarction (MI). This is when part of the heart muscle suddenly loses its blood supply. Without prompt treatment, it can damage the affected part of the heart.

The most common symptom of an MI is crippling chest pain. The pain may be similar to angina, but it’s usually more severe and lasts longer.

If you’ve had a stent fitted, please read this article, and see here if you have cardiomyopathy.

How do insurers assess life assurance after a heart attack?

Life assurance after a heart attack is possible, but it depends on several factors:

  • Your age when your heart issues started
  • Frequency of attacks and the date of the last attack
  • How severe have the attacks been
  • Are you a smoker/overweight/high cholesterol
  • Your treatment and how you’ve responded
  • Have there been any complications
  • How has the functional capacity of your heart been affected
  • Is your occupation stressful

What are the chances of life assurance after a heart attack?

As above, it depends on several factors. I’ll run through the most important ones.


Younger people will find it more difficult to get life insurance after a heart attack.

If you’re under 40 and have suffered a heart attack, I’m afraid it’s going to be almost impossible to get cover.

Date of the last attack

If you have had a heart attack in the last 3 months, the insurers will postpone offering you cover.

Frequency of attacks

Two or more heart attacks will usually result in a decline.

Other health issues

If you have other health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, circulatory problems or other heart problems such as valvular heart disease or cardiomyopathy, the insurer will refuse cover.

Other factor’s such as a recent diagnosis, smoking, height and weight ratio, hypertension and high cholesterol could have an adverse effect on your chances of cover.

How much does life insurance after a heart attack cost?

You’re looking at a loading of between 100% and 300%.

If someone in perfect health pays €50 per month for their cover, you’ll pay between €100 and €200 per month for the same cover.

Can you get income protection or serious illness cover after a heart attack?

Unfortunately not but Multi Claim Protection Cover and Cancer Only Cover are possible.

Over to you…

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