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Life Insurance Loading – What Can I Do?

Has a life insurance insurance company loaded your policy due to a health issue?

Even worse, have they declined you for life assurance?

You’re not alone, the majority of our customers have quirky health issues which some insurers are only too happy to charge extra premium for. We’re here to make sure you pay as little as possible for your cover, we might not be able to get you the standard price but we’ll get as close to it as possible.


Let me tell you…

How do we reduce your loading?

There are 6 life insurance providers in Ireland and they all underwrite applications in slightly different ways. For example Insurer A may be lenient when it comes to BMI issues but very strict on MS, whereas Insurer B may be more sympathetic when it comes to MS but brutal for BMI.

Horses for courses as the fella says.

In a nutshell, we have a fair idea which insurer is right for your particular health issue, and if we don’t, we’ll discuss your application anonymously with all of our insurers to find the best home for your cover.

Why was my loading so high?

I’d hazard a guess that you have applied through your bank? Banks only have access to one insurance provider, and that provider doesn’t like the sound of your health issue. But don’t despair, I’m sure I can find you a more sympathetic insurer.

Life insurance loading – Success Stories

We’ve arranged life insurance with a lower premium increase for:

Here’s a recent case study:

36 year old female in good health
Diagnosed with a blood disorder 13 years ago
No symptoms save occasional bruising if she knocked off something.
Annual check-ups
Platelet Level 54,000 (moderate ITP)

Before she came to me, she’d been postponed by her bank due to her platelet count.

I discussed her case, anonymously with my insurers. All of them could offer cover but some of the loadings were ludicrous!

  • Insurers A and B could offer cover at +150% (€100 per month)
  • Insurer C @ +100% (€80 per month)
  • Insurer D @ +75% (€70 per month)
  • Insurers E & F @ +50% (€60 per month)

This was a 25 year policy so the savings of €40 per month between the insurers amounted to €12,000 over the life of her policy ?

Testimonials From Clients We Have Helped

Before going to any other insurers contact Nick McGowan. I had trouble getting insurance because I’m over weight, and even though I passed a medical, it was postponed until I lost weight which left me stranded as I was waiting to sign for my mortgage. I rang around numerous insurance companies who couldn’t get me off the phone any quicker when I got to the part of being over weight. I then contacted Nick for his help and not only did he Not make me feel bad about myself, he successfully got me insurance and at a great rate. I’d have no problem recommending him or wouldn’t hesitate to contact him in the future, he more or less gave my family a home so a big Thank you from me

Dear Nick, a small thank you from myself and Gary for all your help in a situation that was starting to give us sleepless nights. It has been a long time since we have come across such a friendly and approachable service and we wish you every success in what you do, it is much deserved. Hopefully by the time you receive this we will be the proud owners of our first home – and in no small part down to your help in making the mortgage protection side of things such a quick and easy process. Thanks again for everything.

Over to you…

If you have received a life insurance loading or have been declined for life insurance, we can help.

Simply complete this short medical questionnaire or call me personally, in confidence, on 05793 20836.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nick McGowan | making life insurance easier



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