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How Do You Know if You’re Overweight for Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection?

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  • The standard price for life insurance and mortgage protection is possible if your BMI is less than 32 and you’re otherwise in perfect health.
  • BMI of 32 to a BMI of 50 (females) and 45 (males), you’ll get cover at a higher premium.
  • The higher your BMI, the higher your premium. A BMI of 32+ will pay 50% more, and a BMI of 45 may pay three times the normal price.
  • Up to a BMI of 40, you should be able to get mortgage protection without the need for a nurse medical (insurer-dependent)
  • Females with a BMI of 50-55 and males with a BMI of 45-49 : cover is possible but not guaranteed, it  depends on age (more difficult if you are under 40), smoker status, and any other health issues (BP, cholesterol)

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Medical Issues & Life Insurance
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Life Insurance and Sleep Apnoea

Your chances of getting cover if you have sleep apnoea depends on the severity.

If it's mild, you'll get the normal price.

If moderate, you will pay more.

If it's severe, some insurers will decline your application.

Make sure you apply to the most understanding insurer.

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