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How does Haemochromatosis Affect Life Insurance?


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Let’s start with a client of ours

  • 35 year old
  • Genetic haemochromatosis
  • Discovered in a routine examination 8 months ago.
  • Treated by draining of blood on a yearly basis.
  • Latest ferritin level count 250 – dropping due to venesection.
  • No symptoms

Peter came to me in a bit of a panic.

He was about to close on buying his first home mortgage but had applied for a mortgage protection policy through a discount broker.

As he readily admits, he had fallen for the radio ad and the lure of cheap cover.

But it didn’t turn out well.

His “broker” had applied to the insurer that paid the most commission, rather than applying to the insurer that was most sympathetic when it came to haemochromatosis.

This insurer postponed Peter – they wouldn’t offer him cover, and without cover, he couldn’t buy his new home.

Frantic, Peter searched the internet for a solution, fortunately he found us and we managed to get him cover…at the normal price…within 24 hours.

He was so delighted he left us this lovely review.

Having dealt with other insurance brokers, showed considerable expertise in haemochromatosis cases. This ensured I got hassle free insurance at the best price

Living with haemochromatosis

A while back I read an article in the Irish Times by former politician and academic Maurice Manning where he wrote about his experience of haemochromatosis.

He puts a positive spin on being diagnosed with haemochromatosis:

I realised that if I hadn’t been diagnosed with haemochromatosis at that time, I’d be a dead man now.

but this is the statement that caused me to take to the keyboard and write this blog post.

Some people are fearful of being tested because there is a potential extra loading on health and life insurances.

Life insurance with haemochromatosis

As with all medical issues, the life insurance companies will look at your personal medical history before deciding whether they can offer you cover or not.

When reviewing an application for life insurance with haemochromatosis, the following factors are the most relevant:

  • date you were diagnosed
  • your treatment (venesection or phlebotomy therapy)
  • how your haemochromatosis is being managed
  • results of your liver function tests
  • your ferritin levels

Treatment is most effective once started early and will stop or prevent any organ damage. Where damage has already occurred, treatment will stop any further damage.

Therefore the earlier your treatment has started after your diagnosis, the better your chances of getting cover at the normal price.

Will you need to do a medical?

This depends on the life insurance company you apply to.

If you don’t suffer from any other medical conditions and your condition is controlled (with the results of your most recent bloods including ferritin and iron levels within the normal range) then one of our insurers will offer you cover without having to do a medical.

Will you have to pay extra for life insurance with haemochromatosis?

No, if your condition is under control, your bloods are normal and there are no complications then you will pay the same price as somebody without haemochromatosis.

This is true for life insurance, serious illness cover and income protection.

However, if your blood levels are outside the normal range or if there are any complications, you could face a higher premium than normal.

Over to you…

As Maurice Manning says in his article, don’t put off being tested for haemochromatosis due to a fear of your life insurance premiums being increased.

He’s correct when he says:

most life assurance companies understand haemochromatosis better and don’t load policies of those whose condition is under control and without complications.

And as our client Peter says showed considerable expertise in haemochromatosis cases.

If you would like further information on applying for life insurance with haemochromatosis, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

My direct line is 05793 20836 or if you prefer you can complete this haemochromatosis questionnaire and I’ll be right back.

Nick McGowan | making life insurance easier

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