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Life Insurance without Health Questions

life insurance without health questions

What is life insurance without health questions?

Life insurance without health questions is also known as over 50s life insurance.
Unlike normal term life insurance, you don’t have to answer any medical questions.
The price of your cover is based on your age and smoking status only.

What are the advantages of life insurance
with no health questions?

You can get immediate cover for up to €25,000 once you complete the
application form.
You can get cover up to age 80 (from age 50) so it’s suits for
over 60s life insurance and over 70s life insurance too.

You’re not asked any medical questions so even if you are terminally
ill, you can still get life insurance.

From the age of 90 onwards, you will not have to make any more payments.
Your cover will however, continue for the rest of your life and your estate
will receive your guaranteed amount when you die.
Your plan ends if you stop making regular payments before age 90
or if you die and someone makes a claim

So, what are the disadvantages?

Life insurance without health questions is much more expensive
than normal term life insurance because everyone of the same age
pays the same price regardless of health.

If you die within the first two years of your policy, only the
premiums you paid in are returned. The exception to this
is accidental death. If death is accidental, the full amount
of life insurance is paid out.

After two years you are fully covered like a normal life
insurance policy.

Anything else I should know about
life insurance without health questions?

The price and the amount of your life insurance is fixed.
It will not increase or decrease at any time.
Because of this you cannot make changes to your plan
but you can take out a new policy in the future as long
as your total life insurance is less than €25,000


One word of warning – don’t automatically assume
you can’t get normal life insurance cover because of a
health condition. You might have to pay more than
a healthy person but it will still work out cheaper
than life insurance with no health questions.

If you (or someone you are researching for) have
a health condition and think you can’t get
normal life insurance, please call me on 05793 20836
and I’ll see what I can do.

If you prefer to work over email, please complete the
form below.

Chat soon.

Nick McGowan Life Insurance without Health Questions

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