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Royal London, Aviva or Irish Life | Which is Better for Life Insurance?

royal london or aviva or irish life

You’re here because you can’t decide whether to choose your life insurance policy Royal London or Aviva.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the extra benefits they offer:

Helping Hand from Royal London and Best Doctors from Aviva.

It would be unfair to exclude Irish Life because they offer a similar benefit called Life Care.

Before I continue, I have to point out that none of these benefits are set in stone.

Helping Hand, Best Doctors and Life Care can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

It’s for this reason I don’t push them because I can’t stand behind them.

They look great on paper but in 5 years time might no longer be available.

It’s like choosing a product for the money back guarantee…only to find the company has closed down when you wish to return it.

Sucks, right?

I prefer to recommend benefits that form part of the life insurance contract like New Ireland’s whole of life benefit or Zurich Life’s free waiver of premium benefit.

Until the 16th October 2015, Zurich have discounted our life insurance premiums by 15%. Check them out here.

Royal London or Aviva or Irish Life

Helping Hand from Royal London

Helping Hand gives you one-to-one personal support through your own Nurse Adviser from Red Arc.

They can help you and your family (spouse or partner and children) cope with the effects of illness or bereavement.

Red Arc has over 15 years experience in this field.

Here’s a link to their client guide for more information on Helping Hand from Royal London.

Best Doctors from Aviva

We’ve discussed Best Doctors before2 and 1/2 years ago would you believe – time flies!

Just to recap, it gives you access to a second medical opinion from Best Doctors.

Importantly, pre-existing conditions are not excluded

Like Helping Hand, you, your spouse/partner and children are covered.

But unlike Helping Hand, your parents are also covered.

Life Care from Irish Life

LifeCare gives you and your family valuable access to

  • MedCare – medical second opinion
  • NurseCare – confidential access to 24 hours phonelines (nurse assist and women’s health centre)
  • ClaimsCare – A post-claims counselling service with the Clanwilliam Institute

These services provide expert assistance, many of which are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

So which is best?

That, my friend, is up to you to decide, we can just give you the facts, you will have a personal view on each.

Trust your gut.

Comparing serious illness cover in Ireland | Royal London v Zurich

Over to you…

If you’d like more information or have a question about Irish Life, Royal London or Aviva, please get in touch.

You can call me directly on 05793 20836 or complete the short form below.

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