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What’s the Maximum Age for Life Insurance?

am i too old for life insurance

Hi Nick, I’m looking for life insurance but I’m confused and don’t know whether to go for whole of life cover or normal, is it term life cover?? What’s the maximum age for life insurance anyway? Cheers! Linda

I received this question a few months back and it’s a question we get asked a lot, as life insurance costs vary with age.

At that time, Aviva were the only company who would cover you until age 90.

At the other 5 insurers, the maximum age for life insurance was 85.

As Aviva were the only insurer going to age 90, they could pretty much charge what they liked.

There was no competition.

If you needed a life insurance policy past your 85th birthday, you were stuck with Aviva.

As well as the price, this sucked for another reason…

Aviva offered a minimum cover of 30,000 and wouldn’t quote for a lower amount.

A lot of our clients just wanted funeral cover of say €15,000 so Aviva were as useful as..

What’s the maximum age for term life insurance today?

It’s still 90.

So what’s changed?

There’s another insurer offering cover up to age 90!

Royal London will now offer mortgage protection and life insurance to age 90.

What about their minimum level of cover?

Royal London will quote for €10,000 worth of life insurance – ideal for funeral planning.

But what if I live past 90?

If you’re lucky enough to live past 90…


But you will have outlived your policy and the insurer will pocket your premiums.

You can avoid this by buying whole of life assurance.

Does whole of life assurance cost more than term life insurance?

Usually yes…but it’s always worth checking.

Let’s take a 50 year old man looking to put €10,000 life insurance in place to pay for his funeral.

With Royal London, €10,000 40 year term life insurance costs €15.15 per month.

But €10,000 whole of life assurance also costs €15.15 per month.

whole of life assurance quote


At these prices always go for the whole of life assurance rather than the 40 year term life insurance, especially if you are looking to pay for funeral expenses.


Only a whole of life policy will guarantee to pay out on your death, whenever that may occur.

What’s the oldest age you can buy term life insurance?

To qualify for all of the insurers, you need to be 69 or less.

But most insurers will allow you to buy cover up to your 75th birthday.

With one of our insurers, you can buy term life insurance right up to your 83rd birthday!

What’s the oldest age you can buy whole of insurance?

You can buy whole of life assurance up until your 75th birthday.

The same rule applies for S72 inheritance tax life assurance


Over to you…

Are you considering long-term life insurance or wondering what age you can buy term life insurance to?

We can’t quote for guaranteed whole of life cover online but give me a quick outline below and I can draw up a personalised quote just for you.

Or call me on 05793 20836 if you prefer talking to typing.

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