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How to Get Ex Smoker Life Assurance Rates

ex smoker life assurance

UPDATED : From 20.08.2019, all insurers charge smoker rates for e-cigarette use

How did you do it?

  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Allen Carr
  • Willpower
  • Stapled your lips together

or a mixture?

For me it was Allen Carr.

Although I had to read it twice.

The first time around I stopped before the last chapter because I realised I didn’t want to quit….yet.

The mad mind of a smoker!

I’ve been off them a few years now, one of the best things I ever did.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, congratulations on kicking the habit, I know how hard it is.

I suppose you’re wondering what’s the story with ex smoker life assurance?

Follow me…

Ex Smoker Life Assurance Rules

How much will I save?

You will halve your current cost so if you currently pay €100 per month, as a former smoker, you will pay €50!

That’s a lot of savings over a 30 year plan (€1800 to be precise!)

How long must you be off cigarettes to be a non smoker?

You qualify for ex smoker life assurance rates if you haven’t smoked in the last 12 months.

What about patches, gums, nicotine replacement.

Be careful here.

Some insurers will classify you as a smoker until you are off all nicotine products for 12 months

But some insurers will give you ex smoker life assurance rates.

What if I vape e-cigarettes?

Be very careful here.

Only one insurer will give you ex smoker life assurance rates if you have used electronic cigarettes in the last 12 months. The rest of the blaggards will charge you the same price as someone smoking 20 a day.

Can I get non-smoker rates from my current insurer?

It depends on two things

1) Whether you have a conversion option on your policy.

2) Your insurer

If you have one of the better conversion options, you will be able to get non smoker rates just by completing a conversion form.

But some insurers will make you complete a whole new application to get the lower price. It may make sense to switch to a new company to get a lower price.

How can I switch insurance company?


You complete an application form. If you have no other health issues, your insurer will offer you non smoker rates.

Previous smoking cannot be held against you now or in the future.

Over to you…

Have you got a question that I haventt answered or are you ready to apply for ex smoker life assurance?

Ex smoker – sounds good doesn’t it?

Good, complete the short form below and I’ll be in touch. Or give me a call on 05793 20836.

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