Can I Get Critical Illness Cover for Breast Cancer?

critical illness cover for breast cancer


If my mother died of breast cancer, can I get critical illness cover for breast cancer?

This was the question posed to me by a client last week.

My gut reaction was no…..but I wasn’t 100% sure.

If I’m not 100% sure about something, I become a bit obsessed until I get the answer.

So I donned my deerstalker, lit my pipe and went away to investigate.

Critical Illness Cover For Breast Cancer

If your mother had breast cancer, most insurers will accept you for critical illness cover but will exclude you from making a claim for breast cancer.

However one insurer will offer you full critical illness cover for breast cancer depending on your answers to the following questions:

Have you ever had, or been advised to have any blood test or scan (e.g. ultrasound / mammogram)
due to your family history?

If yes, was the result normal?

How many of your biological family members (sister(s) or mother) have been diagnosed with breast cancer?

How old was your mother at onset of the disease?

If you’ve had a blood test with an abnormal result then you won’t get critical illness cover for breast cancer.

If you have more than one family member with breast cancer, you won’t get critical illness cover for breast cancer.

If your mother was 35 or under at the onset of the disease then you won’t get critical illness cover for breast cancer.

My client’s mother was 37.

No other family members had breast cancer and she had a normal blood test result.

Based on this she was offered full critical illness cover for breast cancer but was loaded by 50% (premium was increased)

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Over to you…

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