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Life Insurance If You Have Health Problems

November 1 2017 3 min read Blog Life Insurance


Once upon a time Johnny went online for a life insurance quote.

The quote was €26 per month.

Feeling happy with that quote, he decided to apply for life insurance.

He filled out his proposal form and sent it back.

Three days later, the insurer offered him cover at €39 per month.

50% higher than he expected! Why?

Life Insurance Health Problems

Health problems are the main reason insurers increase life insurance premiums

Here are the top 5 we encounter.

1. Smoker Status

Smokers die younger and get more illnesses than non smokers.

So smokers pay 50% more for life insurance.

You’re a non-smoker if you haven’t smoked in 12 months.

What about e-cigarettes and life insurance?

2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition in Ireland.

But it’s one you can control through medication and a change in diet and exercise.

Most insurance companies are ok with controlled high blood pressure.

If you apply to the most sympathetic insurer, you might even get the standard price.

Life insurance and high blood pressure.

3. Asthma

If you’re managing your asthma well, the insurer won’t increase your premium

But if you’re not keeping your asthma under control, the insurer will class you as a higher risk.

Higher risks = higher premiums.

Life insurance with asthma

4. Depression / Anxiety / Stress

Severity is all important here.


If you suffer with mild anxiety, you’ll get the normal price.

But if you have been in hospital on more than one occasion, you might not be able to get cover at all.

  • Mild mental health issues = standard price
  • Moderate mental health issues = increase in premium
  • Severe mental health issues = decline

Life insurance with depression

5. High Cholesterol

High cholesterol can contribute to many life-threatening health conditions.

But if well-managed you’ve no need to worry about a premium increase.

Life insurance with high cholesterol

Over to you…

Remember if you get a life insurance quote online, the quote will assume perfect health.

That’s why we have a medical questionnaire on our quote system.

You complete it before you apply and we’ll get you an accurate quote based on YOUR OWN HEALTH.

So there are no nasty shocks when you get your final quote.


We know which insurer to apply to depending on your illness.

Applying to the wrong insurer could result in an unnecessary premium increase.

OR even worse….a decline or postpone.

This will make it much more difficult to get the normal price at another insurer.

So make you you apply to the most sympathetic insurer initially.

Need some help finding the correct insurer?

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Nick McGowan 
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