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Once upon a time, a man named Tom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Nevertheless, Tom was determined to live his life to the fullest and decided to buy a house in Ireland.

But as he began to search for mortgage protection, he quickly realised that his medical condition would make it difficult to get coverage.

Many brokers he contacted were, at best unhelpful, at worst, downright rude!

Feeling frustrated and discouraged, Tom began to lose hope.

That’s when he heard about a life insurance broker who specialised in helping people with medical conditions get coverage.

The broker listened patiently as Tom explained his situation and medical history.

Then, the broker went to work, scouring the market for insurers who would be willing to offer coverage at a reasonable price.

After some time, the broker found several insurers who were willing to offer Tom coverage.

However, each insurer added a different loading to the premium, and Tom was unsure which one to choose.

Thankfully, the broker was able to provide Tom with a table showing the benefits on offer at each insurer and their final premiums.

With this information in hand, Tom was able to make an informed decision about which insurer to choose.

In the end, Tom was able to get the mortgage protection he needed to buy his dream home in Ireland.

He was grateful for the broker’s expertise and perseverance in finding him coverage despite his medical condition.

From that day forward, Tom knew the importance of working with a broker who knows their way around the insurance market and can help navigate the complexities of coverage for people with medical conditions.

And they all lived happily ever after.


What are my chances of getting Life Insurance with Hepatitis?

Looking for life insurance can be daunting, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as Hepatitis.

While it’s true that Hepatitis can make it more challenging to obtain coverage, it’s not impossible.

In fact, several insurers based in Ireland offer coverage for individuals with Hepatitis.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of getting life insurance with Hepatitis, including what insurers are looking for and what you can do to increase your chances of getting coverage.

We’ll also share some success stories of clients who have obtained coverage despite their medical conditions.

So, if you have Hepatitis and are in the market for life insurance, read on to learn more.

Who is Tom?

You might have guessed that Tom is a client of ours.

His first question was, “Nick, what are my chances of getting covered?”

To assess your chances of getting cover, I’ll need the following detail (or as much as you can give me):

  • Viral load
  • Liver function tests results
  • Is liver disease present?
  • Is cirrhosis present?
  • Results of any scans, biopsies, ultrasounds
  • Other diseases present
  • Age when diagnosed and infected
  • Are you regularly following up with your GP and sticking to a treatment plan
  • If the illness is acute (lasting six months or less) or chronic
  • If fully recovered, and if so, how long since the recovery
  • Smoking status
  • Alcohol use

Completing this Hepatitis questionnaire is the best place to start.

Examples of other clients we have helped

Here are two examples of clients I’ve worked with who have Hepatitis and successfully obtained life insurance:

John was diagnosed with Hepatitis B at the age of 33, which he contracted through blood exposure while working as a nurse. Despite being a carrier, John’s liver function tests were normal, and his latest viral load results did not indicate the need for treatment. I was able to secure coverage for John with a +50% loading.

Gisele was diagnosed with Hepatitis 12 years ago, but her condition is now inactive. She is a non-smoker and non-drinker, and has no liver damage or other health issues. I was able to find an insurer who accepted her at the normal price, which left Gisele feeling delighted!

Applying for Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection with Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the liver. Hep A, Hep B and Hep C are the most common types in Ireland. I’ll now explain the process for applying for life insurance with Hepatitis.

Life Insurance with Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is the most common type of viral hepatitis.  It causes only acute infection (lasting less than 6 months) and there is no chronic (long term) form. It is usually benign and does not progress to chronic liver disease. Symptoms include fever, severe loss of appetite, liver enlargement and jaundice.

How do life insurance companies view Hepatitis A?

Once you have made a full recovery, you’ll get the normal price. (get a quote here)

What medical information will the life insurer ask for?

The insurer will likely request a medical report (PMA) from your GP, but if you can answer all of the questions on this hepatitis questionnaire and get me a copy of your latest hepatology report, we may be able to avoid the need for a medical report.

Life Insurance with Hepatitis B

hepatitis b virus

Hepatitis B is transmitted in blood serum and body fluids. Usually, there is complete recovery, but sometimes patients develop a chronic infection. Symptoms include fever, jaundice, loss of appetite, and joint pain.

How do life insurance companies view Hepatitis B?

If you have suffered an acute infection, you could get the normal price once you have made a full recovery without any permanent damage to your liver.

For a chronic (long-term) infection, the insurer will increase your premium by 50% upwards, depending on the degree of liver damage.

What medical information will the life insurer ask for?

The insurer will request a medical report (PMA) from your GP.

Life insurance with Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C causes both acute (within six months) and chronic liver disease (persisting for more than six months).

Chronic hepatitis develops in 70 – 85% of those infected who are unable to get rid of the virus after the initial infection.

The two main complications of chronic Hepatitis C are cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Symptoms are few in the first six months. Symptoms indicating liver disease don’t show until serious damage to the liver has occurred.

How do life insurance companies view Hepatitis C?

If you have suffered an acute infection (less than six months) and made a full recovery,  you could get the normal price.

For a chronic (long-term) infection, you’ll face a premium increase of 100%+, depending on the degree of liver damage.

What medical information will the life insurer ask for?

The insurer will request a medical report (PMA) from your GP.

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis is a very rare cause of chronic (long-term) hepatitis. The white blood cells attack the liver, causing chronic inflammation and damage. This can lead to more serious problems, such as liver failure. The reason for this reaction is unknown.

About seven in 10 cases are in women, usually between the ages of 15 and 40. However, in older age groups, men are more affected than women.

How do life insurance companies view Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Cover is possible but at a slightly higher premium than viral hep. It comes down to current liver function then and the treatment. Being autoimmune, the treatment is an immunosuppressant, so that comes with its own risk. Best case is in remission, normal liver function tests and off treatment (after only a short term on treatment). That’s +50% loading. It goes up to decline depending on the circumstances.

What about Serious Illness Cover or Income Protection?

Income protection cover and serious illness cover are usually declined for chronic cases of Hepatitis B and C.

You could get the normal price for acute cases with a full recovery.

What information do life insurers look for in relation to Hepatitis?

As with most life insurance medical conditions, the insurer wants to know the following:

  1. that you are getting treatment
  2. and you are completing regular follow-ups with your doctor.

They call this control; if your condition is under control, they will likely offer you cover.

But if you have ignored your symptoms or are not attending for follow-ups, the insurer will postpone.

How much extra will you pay for Mortgage Protection or Life insurance?

When it comes to getting life insurance with Hepatitis, it’s essential to choose the correct insurer.

Each insurer has its underwriting guidelines, meaning they’ll add different loadings to your policy.

A loading is an extra charge added to your base premium to reflect the increased risk of insuring someone with Hepatitis.

That’s why it’s crucial to shop around and find the right insurer that can offer you the best coverage at the best price.

Over to you…

The good news about applying for life insurance with hepatitis is that you can get coverage. But, as you have seen, it depends on the merits of your particular application.

If you would like to discuss your application confidentially, please call me on 05793 20836 or complete this short form.

Alternatively, complete this Hepatitis Questionnaire, and I’ll speak to my panel of underwriters in confidence

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