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What Happens When You Make a Life Insurance Claim?

Nobody wants to think about what will happen when you exit stage left but, as boring as it can be, preparation is always key.

So you're paying your premium monthly towards your life insurance, serious illness cover and income protection, but what happens when you or your loved ones need to claim on that policy?

Newlywed’s Life Insurance | The Essential Guide

You’ve just got married, and you’re already thinking about your other halves’ potential death.

How very Henry the VIII of you.

In all seriousness, getting married is a big deal. Of course, it is – there’s nothing quite like standing up in front of your friends and families and pledging your love to someone forever.

Five Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance (and one reason you don’t)

Life insurance used to be for the wealthy.

Many of us 'regular' folk's parents ain't never had no need for no life insurance (gone kinda deep south there for some reason)

Maybe your old man never saw the point or the old dear said it was a waste of valuable money.

Notions, like.

It's far from life insurance you were born young Seán, the car isn't even insured and that's useful.

However, these days, because it's so affordable, life insurance is no longer a luxury.

It's a necessity.

How to Assign a Mortgage Life Insurance Policy

If you’re on this here blog, I can assume a couple of things:

you’ve bought or are buying a house and
you’ve either bought or are buying Mortgage Protection or Life Insurance because you have to.

I can also probably assume you’re a responsible adult – or at the very least, you’re very good at pretending, which as we all know: all the best people are.

Now, there is one thing you need to know. This one thing is either coming to you too late or just in the nick of time, depending on whether or not you now own a house.

The banks are great for mortgages, but they’re a rip off when it comes to Mortgage Protection...

How Smoking Affects Mortgage Life Insurance Premiums

I’m not going to tell you not to smoke.

I’m not your ma.

I’m also not going to tell you about the health risks, because we all already know. After all, we’ve seen the big rotten tumour on the fag packets.

I am going to tell you that smoking makes your Life Insurance premiums more expensive.

And don’t think you’re not included in this one too, holier-than-thou-vape-smokers. While your vape may smell like cotton candy or whatever notion-y flavour you’ve gone for, the insurers will charge you more too.

Vhi Life Insurance Review

I'll admit I was worried when Vhi life insurance entered the market. 

Vhi has one million customers, that's roughly 990,000 more than us.

Little taking on the mighty Vhi is like David taking on Goliath, Cúchulainn and Geoff Capes simultaneously!

How Long Should You Take Life Insurance For?

If you've decided that now's time to get life insurance for your family, congratulations!

It's a smart move and the grown-up thing to do.

But how do you choose the right amount of years for your cover?

What is a Life Insurance Trust?

A life insurance trust allows you to ensure your policy pays out to the right people at the right time without waiting for grant of probate.

What's grant of probate?

A big, and lengthy, pain in the ass.

7 Essential Steps to Help You Choose a Life Insurance Policy in Ireland

Look, choosing a life insurance policy isn't easy.

But follow these quick tips and you'll be fine.

If not, I'm here to help.

Mother’s Life Insurance

There's no perfect way to protect yourself from the bad shit in life - just as there's no perfect way to bring up a child or make a margherita.

But there are terrible ways to do all three. And with each, you've got to know the basics before you begin.

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