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Where Can I Get Mortgage Protection Quickly?

Need mortgage protection quickly?

You've come to the right place.

We discuss how quickly you can get mortgage protection and what will delay the process.

Best House Purchase (Conveyance) Solicitor Ireland 2024

Finding a reliable solicitor in Ireland isn't an easy job.

It's like searching for a needle in a haystack, blindfolded, wearing boxing gloves.

Don't get me wrong, there's a rake of solicitors out there who have your best interests at heart and treat you like an actual person instead of billable hours, but it's not easy and can be pretty overwhelming.

So we've done the heavy lifting for you and made a list!

When Should You Apply for and Start Your Mortgage Protection Policy?

You should apply for mortgage protection as soon as you go sale agreed.

You should issue your mortgage protection policy before you sign binding contracts.

This is the only way to avoid the heartache of not being able to buy your home due to an unexpected health issue.

Does Life Insurance Cover Death Caused by an Accident?

You finally did it - you bought life insurance.

You head out for lunch, feeling like an official grown up, having done the right thing and applied for life insurance online

And you did it on company time!

Double win.

You take your phone out of your pocket to call your partner with the good news (they've been at you for ages to get your  life insurance sorted)

No reply.

You look down at your phone to redial, stumble onto the road and...

Getting Mortgage (Protection) Ready in 2024

Without mortgage protection you can't get a mortgage so it should be the first thing you arrange when you're getting mortgage ready.

In this blog we look at potential hurdles such as health issues and medical appointments.

What is the Best Mortgage Protection Policy in Ireland (2024 Edition)

Buying a house, as we all know, is a pain in the hole as it involves any number of the following:

Keeping a paper trail.
Dealing with estate agents.
Living at home in the box room with yer ma and da for a year to save a deposit. 
Dealing with estate agents.
More paperwork. 
Budgeting for stamp duty and a solicitor.

It’s no wonder you might be tempted just to say ‘feck it’ and go with your bank when they offer you a Mortgage Protection policy. But don't!

The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Protection Insurance in Ireland 2024

Welcome to THE most comprehensive guide to mortgage protection on t'internet.


where to buy the best mortgage life insurance policy
why you should never add serious illness cover to your policy?
how to avoid 33% tax if you're not married

And much more more

First Time Buyer Mortgage Protection Insurance Ireland 2024

You're looking for mortgage protection.

You're a first time buyer.

You've come to the right place

Mortgage Protection Insurance for Cancer Survivors in Ireland

On June 7th, 2023, Insurance Ireland announced the complete details of their new Code of Practice for Underwriting Mortgage Insurance for Cancer Survivors.

Under this Code, insurance companies will not consider a cancer diagnosis if the person is in complete remission and active treatment ended more than 7 years before the application (or more than 5 years if the individual was under 18 at the time of diagnosis)

Cancer survivors can get mortgage protection (reducing life insurance) of up to €500,000 for a mortgage on their primary residence.

First Home Scheme Ireland | Your Plain English Guide

A few schemes are supposed to help first-time buyers take that precarious first step onto the property ladder, such as the Help to Buy Scheme and the Local Authority Homeloan Scheme.

But what’s this?

Instead of building more actual houses, our esteemed leaders have dreamed up a shiny new scheme to help you own your own home!

Introducing the First Home Scheme

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