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Hello, I’m Nick McGowan,¬†the founder¬†of

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

Nick McGowan Founder Life insurance Ireland

“What is life insurance exactly?”
“How much does life insurance in Ireland cost?”
“Why do I need it?”
“Where is the best place to buy life insurance in Ireland?”
“When is the best time to buy it?
“Who can I trust to advise me on life insurance in Ireland?”

Or if you’re just considering buying¬†life insurance in Ireland…

….You’re in the RIGHT place!

Life Insurance Ireland

life insurance ireland

I believe we all want the best for our families. We all want to protect the people we love from financial hardship should we die unexpectedly.

But how can you find the time to research every life insurance policy from every life insurance company in Ireland while also working and raising a family?

Instead of being bamboozled dealing with the 6 companies who arrange life insurance in Ireland,¬†trying to pick from¬†hundreds of policies and wasting time reading “expert” advice.. should subscribe to our FREE Beginners Guide to Life Insurance email series to get straightforward tips on how to arrange the best life insurance in Ireland for you and your family.

Don’t worry, I won’t confuse you with life insurance mumbo-jumbo¬†or bore you¬†with long¬†winded emails. Each one ¬†will be short, sharp¬†and to the point.¬†After all, you’ve¬†signed up to save, not waste, time.

From the outset you will find practical tips that you can start to use immediately when arranging your own life insurance in Ireland.

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Dear Nick, a small thank you from myself and Gary for all your help in a situation that was starting to give us sleepless nights. It has been a long time since we have come across such a friendly and approachable service and we wish you every success in what you do, it is much deserved. Hopefully by the time you receive this we will be the proud owners of our first home Рand in no small part down to your help in making the mortgage protection side of things such a quick and easy process. Thanks again for everything

Nick is a pleasure to work with. Having dealt with another broker for my home insurance at the same time, the experience is almost impossible to compare.

A professional and personal touch. A great combination.mPrevious experiences with ‘personal’ advisors left me feeling¬†restricted. When I met Nick this was not the case and finally¬†it felt like what I wanted mattered!

Nick was great to work with. I appreciated his commitment¬†to ensuring that my family’s life insurance needs were met.¬†Although the process was not without a few hiccups, I felt that¬†Nick truly cared about my family getting coverage in a timely¬†fashion. Lastly, I appreciated the personal touch that¬†Nick brought to our interactions. It’s not often that you receive¬†a hand-written thank you note from any service provider¬†these days, and I was truly touched by the gesture. I am happy¬†to recommend both Nick and for their life insurance services,¬†and I would happily use their service again.

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About Nick McGowan & was founded by Nick McGowan.After working in financial services for the last 15 years. Nick created in response to the way you now like to do business.

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As Ireland's leading life insurance broker, we specialise in comparing the rates and policies from the top five Irish life insurance providers and offering the very best value quotes to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in finding a suitable insurance plan for those with specific needs, be it a particular illness, occupation or claim history, we've got you covered in every sense!

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