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Can You Get Life Insurance with HIV?

life insurance with hiv

The advances in treatment for HIV and viral conditions in the past few years have been staggering but insurers have lagged behind in reacting to it…

It used to be impossible for someone who tested positive for HIV to get life insurance.

Insurers didn’t have a history of hard data and mortality rates on which to calculate their premiums.

Since around 2005, treatment and knowledge of HIV has improved and so has the attitude of the insurance industry…slowly I might add.

If you took out a policy before 2013, you should review it.

Can you get life insurance with HIV?

As with any medical condition, the answer is “it depends”.

Here are the main factors the underwriter will base their decision on whether or not to cover you for a life insurance policy.

CD4 Count

The CD4 count of an uninfected adult who is generally in good health ranges from 500 to 1,200 cell.
The higher your CD4 count, the better your chances of getting life insurance with HIV.


Are you following medical advice closely i.e taking your medication, going for regular follow-ups as required?

The insurer will write to your GP for a medical report. If you are taking a haphazard approach to your condition, you’re unlikely to get life insurance.

When diagnosed

If it’s a recent diagnosis, the insurer is likely to postpone you for 12 months so they can get a longer term view of how you are reacting to treatment.

Will I need to do a medical exam when applying for life insurance with HIV?

You’re unlikely to be called for a full life insurance medical exam.

Instead the insurer will write to your GP for your medical history. This will outline how your condition has progressed since the date of diagnosis.

As outlined above, the insurers are most interested in whether you are compliant with your treatment and attending regular follow ups.

Control is key.

How much does life insurance cost for someone who is HIV positive?

This question is impossible to answer I’m afraid.

All applications are underwritten and priced on a case by case basis according to their individual merits.

The premiums quotes vary from one insurer to the next.

You can get a life insurance quote here but your final premium will be loaded due to your health.

Have a look at a recent application and the terms that were offered my client

  • Male 30 years of age
  • €220,000 mortgage protection over 30 years.
  • HIV contracted through sexual contact
  • Diagnosed September 2013
  • Treatment started early 2014
  • Medication :  Atripla
  • CD4 Count of 550 (previously 400)
  • Attending every 6 months – condition is very stable.
  • Compliant with treatment – all doses taken.

The insurer we went with offered my client cover for €29 per month, that’s the normal price plus 250%.

The next best insurer would only offer a 25 year term at €78 per month!

As you can see, it pays to know which insurer is most sympathetic to applications for life insurance with HIV.

Over to you…

Don’t waste your time calling dozens of companies and answering the same questions over and over.

Let me do all of the hard work for you.

Simply complete this HIV questionnaire and I will speak with my underwriters in strict confidence.

If you’re happy with the indicative terms on offer, you can then make a formal application.

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Getting Mortgage Protection or Life Insurance if you’re HIV Positive

Earlier this year, news broke that a patient in London was cured of HIV, following a bone marrow transport.

It comes more than a decade after Timothy Brown, the “Berlin patient”, made history as the first person to be ‘cured’ of the disease.

Both cases have been widely celebrated as they represent great hope for the 37 million people living with HIV around the world.

For decades, the virus was a ruthless killer, savaging entire communities.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since, both in terms of treatment and response.

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