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1st Time Buyer Mortgage Protection – Don’t Be Bullied!


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I recall how exciting it was buying a new home but I also remember the stress involved in dealing with the bank.

But I was never able to put into words how we at could help.

And then we received this wonderful testimonial from Claire:

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What a classy testimonial, in fairness everyone in the office was like


I was intrigued as to why Claire was so impressed so I had to ask:

The reason I contacted you is that I was in the bank last week with their financial planning manager who completely confused me when explaining about mortgage protection and when going through the application form with me. The bank has poorly explained the steps involved in the mortgage process to date and after this experience last week I was hoping I could at least do the mortgage protection with you and hopefully speed up 1 step in this nightmare!

Does that sound familiar?

If it does I’d love to help you.

Not only will we make it more fund to apply for cover, we’ll get you a better price too.

Win win!

And don’t be bullied by the bank if they start throwing threats about.


Buying from the bank won’t affect your mortgage application but it could have a serious effect on your bank balance.

This is because 1st time buyer mortgage protection policies bought directly from the bank are a lot more expensive than similar products available through brokers.

Remember a bank can only sell you mortgage protection from their preferred insurer; a good broker can offer you policies from 5 different insurers.

So don’t fall for the sales pitch or the veiled threats.

Stand up to the bank, for too long they’ve taken the mickey.

You can, and should, shop around for your mortgage protection policy (and your house insurance policy too while you’re at it).

Give me a quick outline using the short form below and I’ll take all of the stress out of mortgage protection.

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