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How to get Life Insurance without moving from your desk


Look, I get it: you’re busy. There’s work and your other half and the kids… and just life. You already know full well the implications of what would happen if you were to die unexpectedly – AND you still haven’t sorted your Life Insurance.

You’re either brave or bulletproof.

So, what if there was a way to get the best Life Insurance policy with an affordable premium without having to move from your desk?

Let’s do this.

Why do you need Life Insurance?

It’s simple: Life Insurance provides a sizeable financial safety net for loved ones you leave behind when you depart this mortal coil.

Even consider the cost of a funeral: the average for 90 percent of burial spots in Glasnevin cemetery is €2,100. It can rise into the thousands – even costing up to €32,000. Admittedly, that’s a bit mad and out of the ordinary, but you can see how pricey it can get.

And that’s just the burial plot.

But paying for a funeral is just the tip of the iceberg – and as anyone’s who has watched Titanic knows, the tip isn’t even the problem.

However, Life Insurance is the lifejacket as it gives your family long-term financial stability should you die (and your future income dies with you).

The best brokers nerd out on Life Insurance and know stuff like…

You can actually get tax relief on your Life Insurance premium, though most people don’t know that. It ties in with your pension (yeah: snooze) in that you use a special type of Life Insurance called Pension Term Assurance.

You can get a refund of 40 percent back, so it’s worth heading over to our blog explaining how Pension Term Assurance might just be the cheapest form of Life Insurance when you’ve finished up here. It’s a veritable banquet of blog-based brilliance.

What’s stopping you from purchasing Life Insurance?

When you’re looking for coverage, you want to get great value – but who do you choose? With multiple insurers and a bunch of policies to consider, it’s tough to know which one to go with.

When it comes to sorting Life Insurance, the handiest way to get it sorted (without having to move from your desk) is to go with an online broker. Manually comparing quotes from various sources can be time-consuming.

And if you want to call in to the insurers in person, it’s gonna seriously eat into your time. I’m sure little Timmy won’t mind if you miss football practice because you had to call into the bank to talk about insurance and policies and money.


Alternatively, of course, you can utilise the magic of the internet. Going with a broker is as simple as filling in an online quote form and taking it from there. (It’s a bit more complicated if you have any health issues, but I’ve more on Life Insurance and health issues here.)

Essentially, a broker will consider your case and get you great coverage at a reasonable monthly cost, and you won’t have to schlep around offices, meeting actual people and telling them about your health issues.

Brokers will also ensure that the policy benefits you – and not just the insurance company. A broker will work on your behalf to get you the best deal, whereas some Life Insurance agents are out to sell you any old policy.

And remember: you can do all of this in an hour as you sit at your desk. Or stand at it – if you’re one of those new-fangled, standing-desk yogi-types.

Just go and do it

By now, you’ve likely skimmed this article and concluded that you need to pull your finger out and sort your Life Insurance. As it so happens, a lot of people are in the same boat – according to Friends First the average age to get Life Insurance is 32. Keep in mind that the older you leave it, the more perceived risk you’ll have to an insurer – which will mean a price hike.

Ultimately, everyone’s needs are different. No two people will need the same amount of cover – but that doesn’t have to mean that getting Life Insurance needs to be complicated or time-consuming. As it so happens, it’s something you can do from your desk right now.

Over to you…

Want to get your Life Insurance sorted quickly and easily so that you get the best cover for the best price?

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