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What are the Top 4 Life Insurance Mistakes in Ireland?

Is it ee-git or ee-jit?

Here in the midlands, it's commonly pronounced with a hard g like in g-obshite.

So how do you avoid looking like an eegit (or a gobshite) when it comes to protecting you and your family?

You can start by avoiding these daft errors when you're taking out life insurance, mortgage protection, income protection or serious illness cover.

What is a PMAR? Life Insurance Medical Report

Medical science can spot a health issue so quickly that there seems to be hardly a healthy human left.

So don't be surprised if your insurer requests a medical report from your GP.

Here's why they need a PMAR...and how you can avoid them.

Life Insurance with Depression

Worried that a history of depression will make it hard to get life insurance?

We know where to apply so you'll get cover at a fair price, hassle-free.

The Definitive Guide to Dual Mortgage Protection

You're looking for a mortgage protection policy:

You're probably  looking for the best priced mortgage protection policy.

But will you find the best value mortgage protection policy?

You will if you keep on reading.

Sick Leave & Sick Pay

But then Sarah gets sick.

She’s out of work for a week because of cramps. The company she works for are decent and pay her for up to 10 sick days a year. Sarah’s not worried.

But then the cramps don’t go away and she finds out she’s got cancer and she’s about to face a long medical battle, and god knows how long out of work.

Those 10 paid sick days are all the company cover.

So, what happens next? And what if something like that were to happen to you?

First Time Buyer Mortgage Protection Insurance Ireland 2021

You're looking for mortgage protection.

You're a first time buyer.

You've come to the right place

Whole of Life Insurance that Pays for Itself

The two things that piss everybody off about life insurance are:

Having to pay for it
Not getting anything from it

I have the solution.

Life Insurance as Guarantor – a Headache for Irish Mortgage Applications

It's common for a parent to help out their child by acting as guarantor for their mortgage.

But what if your bank insists they need to pay through the nose for life insurance too?

What are your options?

Life Assurance After a Heart Attack

It's possible to get life insurance after a heart attack.

But there are a number of factors you need to be aware of.

I discuss them in more detail in this post.

Life Insurance with a Stent Fitted

You can get life insurance and mortgage protection cover after having a stent fitted.

Here we go through the factors the underwriters will consider before offering cover.

Be warned! If you're under 40, it's going to be difficult to get cover.

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