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What is Over 60s Life Assurance?

Think you can't get life insurance because you're in your 60s?

Think again.

I can get you affordable cover as long as you have no major health issues,

What Costs Are Involved When Buying A Home In Ireland?

Is the whole house-buying industry a money-making business? I’ll let you make up your mind but let’s put it this way, buying a home is not cheap.

If you're new to the homeownership game, you might not even be aware of all the little extras that add up quickly.

Don’t worry, I want to get you all caught up, so you don’t get caught out.

Here are the extra money-sucking things you’ll need to plan for if you want to buy a home in Ireland.

Inheritance Tax Life Assurance

Did you know we have one of the highest death taxes in the world here in Ireland.

It's more commonly known as inheritance tax.

It takes one third of what you intended to leave behind for your kids and gives it to The Taxman instead...unless you put a plan in place to pay that inheritance tax.

How to Buy a House in this Crazy Rental Market

There are certain milestones in life that you’ll cling to as proof that you are an actual adult – even though “adult” can feel like a state of mind as your age slowly and not-so-assuredly creeps up.

Meeting the other half who you’re serious enough about that you’re happy to sit in and watch Love Island or whatever sportsball they’re into. Sustaining said relationship, even through wobblers about wet towels and whose turn it is to load the dishwasher. Finding the first few grey hairs. Having very serious discussions with your friends in the pub about mortgages and personal finances and babies.

Very strongly considering applying for a mortgage....

Life Insurance with Anaemia & Blood Disorders

Blood cell disorders impair the formation and function of either red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets.

Red blood cells transport oxygen to organs and tissues.

White blood cells fight infections.

Platelets help the blood to clot.

In this article we look at how each type of blood disorder will affect your application.

Where to Get a Good Solicitor for a House Purchase in Ireland 2022

Finding a reliable solicitor in Ireland isn't an easy job.

It's like searching for a needle in a haystack, blindfolded, wearing boxing gloves.

Don't get me wrong, there's a rake of solicitors out there who have your best interests at heart and treat you like an actual person instead of billable hours, but it's not easy and can be pretty overwhelming.

So we've done the heavy lifting for you and made a list!

5 Reasons We’re Scared to Talk About Life Insurance

We all want to kiss our children goodnight and drift off to sleep safe in the knowledge they'll be OK if we don't make it through the night - or the next day!

So, why aren't more of us talking about life insurance?

Well, there are probably a bazillion reasons that are outside the scope of this blog, but here are the top 5 reasons we tend to shy away from this important topic.

What's your excuse, eh??

Guide to Income Protection for Company Directors

Any employer worth their salt knows that without their employees, they have nothing.

So, a smart employer will always put Executive Income Protection in place to keep their staff safe and happy.

And if you are a Director of your own Limited Company, you'll want to ensure you're ok if the worst happens.

Now, I know some employers pride themselves on being the tightest in their industry, so we're talking to those who value their employees and want to look after them.

Because let's be honest, by looking after your employees, you're looking after your business too.

It's a magical trade-off that keeps everyone happy.

Postponed for Life Insurance: What it means and how to get around it

This article was inspired by an email from a woman called Annie, who wrote in:

Hi. My Life Insurance has been postponed, and I need it for a mortgage and am wondering if there is Life Insurance out there that I can get?

Obviously, for Annie, this is not good. Annie's done the hard part and saved the deposit and went and found a house to buy. However, to buy a home in Ireland, you have to get Mortgage Protection, which pays off your mortgage to the bank if you die.

What’s a Convertible Mortgage Protection Policy?

It's time to get down and dirty with mortgage protection.

We all know what a basic mortgage protection plan is, right?

It's a type of life insurance policy that protects your mortgage lender. If you die, your policy will pay a lump sum of cash to pay off your mortgage.

So yeah, it protects your bank, but you pay for it.

Hardly fair, but in Ireland we must do all we can to protect the banks, isn't that right?

What if I told you there's a type of mortgage protection with way more bang for your buck? 

This little gem is called a Convertible Mortgage Protection Plan.

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