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Value Added Benefits of Life Insurance

Imagine finding out you have cancer, or a brain tumour or multiple sclerosis.

Your world is falling apart, but who do you turn to?

Friends and family will be supportive, but they won’t have a clue about how you’re feeling or how to help you cope.

You can pay a visit to Dr Google and scare yourself with the half-assed advice you’ll find on a forum.

Or you can access the value-added benefits available for free on your life insurance.

Don’t Add Serious Illness Cover to Mortgage Protection

When you're getting a mortgage, you have to get a mortgage protection policy and assign (pass ownership) it to the bank.

If you die, the policy pays out a big lump of money to the bank to clear your mortgage. That all seems fair enough.

However, and here's the sneaky part - if you add serious illness cover to your policy and make a claim on the serious illness (say you get cancer or suffer a heart attack), who do you think gets the money?

Pros and Cons of Multiple Life Insurance Policies

You can apply for multiple life insurance policies but it will entail a lot of form filling.

But is the extra hassle worth it?

Can you get a better cover?

Let's find out...

Life Insurance and Cannabis Use

High there

So I guess you’re here because you (or a friend) smoke weed or have done so in the past.

And you’re wondering whether you should disclose this on your application form.

Am I right?
June 18 2024 3 or maybe 60 (depending on your state) min read Mortgage Protection Insurance

Why Insurers Push Life Insurance Indexation (and why you should avoid it)

You'll be in the bank when they hit you with the big one: if you don't go with Life Insurance indexation, you'll leave your family with less money than you intended to.

They'll face a life of poverty.

Ending up sweeping chimneys and begging for scraps on the streets.

Okay, so I'm exaggerating – but the guilt trip is a mean trick for the bank to play on you.

Life Insurance indexation might seem like a good – even necessary – thing to add to your policy, but is it really in your best interest?

Life Insurance for Single People (without smelly kids)

There are two ways to skin this particular cat.

I could go through the reasons why a single person without kids would need cover:

- mortgage
- bills
- funeral costs
- student loan debt/private student loans
- credit card debt

But instead, I'll go through the types of life insurance options available to everyone and drill down on why they could be useful if you are single.

I am starting with my favourite and the cover that EVERYONE should have regardless of whether they are single or have children.

What is an Income Protection Deferred Period?

The income protection deferred period is important.

Shorter deferred periods mean a higher premium.

But is a longer deferred period a waste of money?

Life Insurance Tullamore

Not many people know this, but we've been a life insurance broker in Tullamore since 1997.

Remember Talbot's Shop?

Mrs Talbot used to sell all sorts of sweets in quarter bags - you could call her the original Mrs McGuire.

Well, we bought Talbot's shop way back in 1997 and have been serving Tullamore ever since - that's a quarter of a century providing life insurance products to the local community in Tullamore!

Pension Term Assurance: A Guide for Business Owners

Pension Term Assurance is a valuable tool for ensuring your family's financial security while taking advantage of tax savings.

For business owners, it’s an effective way to provide peace of mind without a heavy financial burden.

What’s the Difference Between Income Protection & Serious Illness Cover?

Income protection provides regular payments to replace lost income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury.

Serious illness cover pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

But which is better?

TL DR It's Income Protection ALL DAY LONG

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