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So those scoundrels at Aviva, Irish Life, Royal London, New Ireland or Zurich Life have increased your premium, eh?

And you're wondering why?

Let me explain:

Are you Really Uninsurable (you can’t get Life Insurance)?

Life Insurance might seem like a modern invention – like a lightbulb moment that could have happened in the last century given the rise of corporate banking and massive financial companies.

It actually goes back centuries – the first Life Insurance policies were taken out in the early 18th century and the first company to offer Life Insurance was founded in London in 1706.

It was called the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office, which is long-winded but pretty brilliant. Who wouldn’t trust an ‘Amicable Society’ with their ‘Perpetual Assurance’?

Given that was London in the 1700s, modern Life Insurance probably comes with a lot less moustache twirling and tricorn hats.

Life Insurance, as a business, has been developing for centuries – so the vast majority of people can usually get some cover. Here’s what you need to know if you think you’re ‘uninsurable’.

Do you pay More for Life Insurance if You’re Coeliac?

Getting life insurance as a coeliac is fairly straightforward.

The only issues arise is where there have been complications or if your disgnosis is very recent.

Here's my guide to getting life insurance as a coeliac.

Life Insurance after a Brain Tumour

When I first started this job, I thought it was impossible to get cover after a brain tumour.

I was wrong.

Can You Get Life Insurance with a Breast Lump / Cyst?

Breast cysts are one of the most common female conditions we encounter.

If the cyst or lump is benign, you have nothing to worry about as long as you apply to the correct insurer.

How do You Know if You’re Overweight for Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection?

Worried you're overweight for life insurance?

You've come to the right place.

We've helped get people cover who had been refused elsewhere.

Life Insurance and Sleep Apnoea

Your chances of getting cover if you have sleep apnoea depends on the severity.

If it's mild, you'll get the normal price.

If moderate, you will pay more.

If it's severe, some insurers will decline your application.

Make sure you apply to the most understanding insurer.

Life Insurance and Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery includes a variety of procedures for people who are unable to achieve satisfactory weight loss through diet and exercise alone.

The surgery reduces the stomach size making you feel fuller after small amounts of food.

Generally, the insurers postpone offering cover until 6 months after surgery.

Getting Life Insurance with an Eating Disorder

You can get life insurance if you've suffered from an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia in the past.

If you're currently experiencing symptoms, the insurer will make a decision based on your medical report.

We can help you find the most sympathetic insurer for your condition.

Payout or Bust: Can Irish Life Insurers Really be Trusted?

We very recently ran a survey about Life Insurance and one thing came to light that I want to tackle: a lot of people don’t trust the insurers to pay out.

And I get it: insurers can be tricky fellas, with watertight terms and conditions, complicated underwriting and confusing jargon. We all know someone who made a health claim that fell through or whose car insurance is sky high.

But here’s the thing: Life Insurance is a little different. Read my blog for more.

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