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Life Insurance after a Brain Tumour

When I first started this job, I thought it was impossible to get cover after a brain tumour.

How wrong I was.

Recently, I have arranged several policies for customers who have benign brain tumours.

Specialist Life Insurance | Getting cover with an Illness

Even seemingly insignificant health issues such as asthma can affect your life insurance.

That's why it's best to speak to a specialist life insurance advisor before you apply.

If you don't know a good one, let me know, I'm sure I can point you in the right direction ;-)

Can You Get Life Insurance with a Breast Lump / Cyst?

Breast cysts are one of the most common female conditions we encounter.

If the cyst or lump is benign, you have nothing to worry about... long as you apply to the correct insurer.

Getting Life Insurance with Coeliac Disease

Getting life insurance as a coeliac is fairly straightforward.

The only issues arise is where there have been complications or if your disgnosis is very recent.

Here's my guide to getting life insurance as a coeliac.

Life Insurance and Sleep Apnoea

This is my guide to getting life insurance with sleep apnoea.

It's not going to be easy but I can help you find the insurer most likely to approve you.

I also look at how insomnia and narcolepsy affects life insurance.

Life Insurance with Endometriosis

Anxious that your endometriosis will stop you getting life insurance?

Don't worry.

We've arranged countless policies for our clients with endometriosis.

Life Insurance with Depression

Worried that a history of depression will make it hard to get life insurance?

We know where to apply so you'll get cover at a fair price, hassle-free.

Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

Raised blood pressure and high cholesterol is common to Ireland.

Once it's under control with or without medication, I know an insurer who can offer you cover saving you the hassle of ringing around loads of insurers.

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