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What Does Income Protection Cover Me For?

insure your money machine

What is the machine?

So far you’ve been lucky.

It hasn’t stopped working.

Like clockwork, it cranks out the good stuff.

Minute after minute, day after day, tick tock, tick tock.

You’ve heard some scare stories.

Mary’s has been out of action for 6 months, Brian’s for 12.

But your machine is fine.

The shop tried to sell you income protection insurance when you bought it but you just couldn’t afford it at the time. Anyway, the machine was brand new, state of the art, unbreakable.

But you worry because it’s not as young as it used to be.

What if something happened to it?
What if it stopped printing?
What if it slowed down….and stopped….forever?

What if your money-making machine never made money again?

You are the machine

Think about it for a second.

If you had a machine in your house which spat out several hundred euros a week, would you insure it?

Of course you would.

It would take a stupid brave person not to.

You, dear reader, are a money-making machine.

You churn out several hundred euros every week in your pay cheque.

You generate the income.

And that’s why you need to safeguard that income with income protection cover, the costs of which we analyse here.

If you breakdown and are out of work for a long period, the money-making machine will stop.

How will you replace the money?

What does income protection cover me for?


Unlike serious illness cover income protection covers you for any illness, injury or disability.

You’re covered for absence from work due to a serious illness like cancer.

But you’re also covered for a simple accident that keeps you out of work. Let’s say you slip and hurt your back – you’re covered.

As long as you’re out of work due to any illness, injury or disability, you’re covered.

Check out this short video on income protection from our friends at Friends First:


Your income is your biggest asset, it’s more important that your car, your home, your investments.

Protect it with income protection cover.

If full income protection is outside your budget, you should consider it’s little brother – mortgage income protection. This policy will pay out enough to cover your mortgage repayments and keep a roof over your head while you focus on getting back and back to work.

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Income Protection for the Self Employed

You and I have something in common.

Apart from being so damn pretty.

Like me, you’re self employed…(or unemployed and bored, why else are you reading this blog post?)

Like me, you’ve taken all the risk – maybe left a cushy role as an employee where where you had the comfort of knowing how much you would get paid every month. You left behind benefits like income protection and death in service. And you waved goodbye to illness benefit from the state should you get sick.

And, like me and “she that must not be named”, you may have felt like this just before you handed in your resignation:

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