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break in

This night 5 years ago our office was burgled.

How do I remember?


…I was on a plane when my Dad rang
– worried that I’d get the evil eyes from the stewardess
for answering.

I need not have worried.


The plane was grounded due to “technical difficulties”
so we all had to disembark anyway.

As I walked down the stairs of the plane, he
also revealed that my nephew had tonsillitis.

Why did I care? Was it because I’m the best uncle
in the world.

No, there was another reason.

While waiting for the other plane to be readied
I got a call from my best mate, we were both
destined for the same place but he was travelling from

He had lost his passport so was ringing in a panic
from the Irish embassy trying to get an emergency
passport issued at short notice.

Why should I care? Wouldn’t there be other
holidays? Why the panic?

The panic was because he was to be best man, my
nephew was to be the pageboy, my father was, well, meant
to be my father and I was getting married the next day!

So my pageboy was ill, my best man was stuck “passportless” in Holland,
my father was helping the Gardai with their inquiries and my
wife to be was waiting for me in Cardiff airport.

OBLIVIOUS to all of this!

And to top it off, my plane was broken.

To cut a loooooooong story short, we all made it
to the wedding day and because of this I’ll be
celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

That’s how I really remember what happened on the 4th December 2008.

So what’s this got to do with life insurance?

Life Assurance Guide

When I got married, I hadn’t a screed of life assurance simply
because I didn’t need it. My wife was working, I was working.
Had either of us died, the other wouldn’t face any financial

Newly married couples who are both working and don’t have
dependents don’t need life insurance.

We had mortgage protection on the mortgage but no
life insurance.

It was only in September of the following year when our first
arrived did we put life assurance in place.

Some of you might be considering life assurance for the first

It’s been in the back of your mind that your family needs it.

It’s an itch that needs to be scratched.

You probably have lots of questions.

You might find this Financial Broker Life Assurance Guide useful.

Life Assurance Guide  & Mortgage Protection Guide.

Have a read through and if you have any questions,
please call me on 05793 20836 or complete the form below.

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